Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Michigan Tuesday: Partridge Can Now Afford A Pear Tree

Chris Partridge has done a great job for Michigan as a coach and analyst.   He helped secure Gary to Ann Arbor and is now a coach on defense.   His new role at 500K a year is Safeties and Special Team coach.  He will also be the recruiting coordinator.   Chris was getting the full court press from Alabama and Jimmy was able to get him to stay with a raise and some new responsibility.

Congrats Chris and thank you for staying.

  • OSU OC Ryan Day will be staying in Columbus and won't be the OC for the Titans.

  • Michigan QB Alex Malzone is transferring to Miami of Ohio, best of luck to Alex!

  • Ronnie Bell had a great visit last weekend and I believe he is a lock to stay in the class.

  • Michigan Basketball is now #25 after the Rutgers win and Nebraska loss last week.


SecondChance said...

Excited to see what Ronnie Bell can bring to this team in the next few years.

Scott K said...

We pull another recruit out of the Peach state, welcome Michael Barrett. Is he buddies with Otis Reese, by chance?