Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Wolverine Wednesday: More Bad News

Michigan Football is continuing with this new theme of losing the off season.   As most of the new news continues to be bad.   Yesterday was no exception as Ian Bunting is transferring and CA 2018 offensive tackle Jarrett Patterson is no longer considering Michigan. 

I'm at a loss when it comes to Ian Bunting.  My eyes tell me he is an NFL TE and walking miss-match for defenses.  I thought Ian would take over for Jake Butt and be one of the best TE's in the nation last season.   How did my prediction go?  Ian had one catch all year. 

Ian barley played the last two years and his best game was the Orange Bowl after Jake went out with an injury.   His decision to transfer for his 5th and final year is not a surprise as any new program will give him more opportunities then Jimmy has the last two years.   So what's the issue?  I can only guess he had trouble blocking, which kept him off the field.   I wouldn't be surprised if Ian lands on his feet at another program and ends up in the NFL Draft in a year.

That news was expected, this one wasn't.  As Jarrett Patterson is no longer considering Michigan per his father and is down to UCLA and ND. 

Remember when I said yesterday that NSD could be boring, now it could be a shut out for the Wolverines.   Michigan also took a preferred walk-on spot from kicker Adam Culp which probably means that gray shirt candidate kicker Jake Moody might be looking at some other opportunities. 

Now what?  Michigan has a week to flip some offensive or defensive lineman from other programs.   If they can't, NSD will be about trying to hang on to Otis Reese.  If Michigan doesn't add any lineman that will be a huge loss and more speculation about Drevno is not preforming in his role. 

Please note: Calvin Anderson the Rice transfer can make a decision before or after NSD and really isn't on a deadline. 

  • Michigan has offered a preferred Walk-On spot to 2018 OG/DT Kraig Correll and he has accepted.


Anonymous said...

Although available online for over three years, The Devil Corp has yet to be challenged in a court of law and that’s an amazing fact considering the nature of the site. Is their refusal to act an admission of guilt?

Goose said...

Not really seeing the big turn over on offense that I thought we would. Kinda makes me nervous that we will be in for another 9 touchdown passes kinda year.

Tim said...

I agree Goose. Our offense wasn't much better than the RR led defenses. I was hoping to see Drev and Pep gone; at least one of them. I am stunned that they are both still employed and actively recruiting. Makes me feel that both are staying, which - like you said - makes me nervous.

I am trying to be optimistic and positive and have confidence in Jim, but last year was tough to watch. We were out coached many times and our offense didn't even look like they were on same page. One thing to lose to a better team but our O looked out of sync and looked like they were poorly coached. Hard to admit that, but it is true.