Friday, February 9, 2018

Michigan Friday: Good News on Grant

Grant Newsome spoke to the Detroit News yesterday at Mott Children's Hospital and it says he feels like he could play right now and has been doing winter conditioning with the team.  Chase, Grant, and Don Brown were at Mott to deliver the check for the funds that were raised prior to the bowl game.  

“It’s up to the doctors at this point,” Newsome said. “I feel confident that I could play right now and I could contribute to this team, but ultimately, it’s up to the doctors. Obviously, they’re going to make the decision that’s in my best interests and I’m going to respect that because obviously certain things are bigger than football.
“I feel like I’m in a good place in my recovery, and we’ll see what they say, if it’s clearance now or it’s clearance we want you to wait a little bit or if it’s we want you to retire. It’s really up to them, but I have the utmost faith in them and their decision.”

If Grant can comeback and play, that would be great news for the offensive line and a great motivator for that unit.

  • The next candidate rumored to have been interviewed for the 10th coaching position is former Michigan assistant and LSU OC Cam Cameron.  I like this hire much better then the Shark Lover.  Cam was also the OC for the Baltimore Ravens.

  • Jimmy on new Utah DB grad transfer Casey Hughes on whether he will play safety or corner:  “Another thing to be determined," Harbaugh said. "He has the ability to be a corner. Also has the ability – by what compiles our best secondary – to be a nickel or safety. He's got the ability to play all three of those, and we'll determine that when he gets here. Coverage ability plus tackling ability. He's made quite a few tackles and he's a strong tackler.”


Unknown said...

You are NOT serious about Cam Cameron???...he's is ridiculously antiquated!!!

Mike Nice said...

This is great blog look fwd to reading everyday. Good work and insights. Thanks.

willberr said...

Hmm...Cameron's only 3 years older than Harbaugh. Give the old guy a break (if he gets the gig).

Voice of Reason said...

I like Cam Cameron over the shark as well. He would likely coach the WR group and contribute to the offensive brain trust. His NFL pedigree could help in his recruiting and he's also been a head coach and coordinator on both college and pro levels. He's familiar with the Michigan culture since he was here for about ten years under Bo Schembechler and he would likely (because of his age like Don Brown) give some stability to the coaching staff. I am all for it myself at the moment. This program needs some good solid stability. IMHO!!!

clay56 said...

I've been thinking, these guys transferring to a college football team looks like free agents going to a NFL team. You think these transfers are good for college football?

Voice of Reason said...


I am sure Bob will give his opinion but if you ask me (and you may not be asking me), it appears as though "most" 5th year seniors who transfer do so, so that they can get an opportunity to play somewhere because playing time may be limited where they were. Some super under classmen may go into the draft early, and most 5th year guys who stay for example Mo Hurst, Chase W and so forth are clearly understood to be solid if not outstanding players that could be playing for championships and are future draft choices. Some outstanding underclass transfers like Shae Patterson knows that they will be playing somewhere and likely will be playing on Sundays.

Is it good for college football? Most of these kids have NFL aspirations and somewhere within their thinking they believe that the moves that they are making will increase their chances of getting there. I remember hearing one former NFL player who was an outstanding All America high school player went to a big time university his freshman year as a linebacker. When he got there he said he called home and said, "mom, all of these guys are outstanding. They're just as good as I am." So he said he wanted to transfer to another school. His mother was wise and told him to stay where he was and compete. He was later drafted and played for two NFL teams and he's a pro football analyst.

The QB for the Seattle Seahawks transferred from I believe NCS to Wisconsin in his 5th year and it worked out for him. So any time it works out for the kid and the school I would say it's a good thing for everyone. IMHO!!!

Bob said...

I'm actually a bit torn, as a regular student you can leave college at anytime if your unhappy. On the other hand a transfer at the wrong position can put a program back many years. See Rich Rod and Ryan Mallatt. I do like the grad transfer rule as its only for one year and the kid can play right away. Alex Malzone for example probably isn't going to the NFL but transferring to Miami of Ohio will give him a chance to play college football, something he would never had at Michigan.