Friday, February 23, 2018

Michigan Friday: Drevno Being Out Goes From Rumor To Probable

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One of the things I love about the internet is that you can be on the ground floor of something that might happen.  A great example was that Brian at Mgoblog was the first to report Lloyd Carr was retiring.  He had that information days before the Detroit papers or even ESPN.  The Internet of course can also produce lies and reckless speculation.  

This information right now is just message board material but it might be something or nothing. 

  • Fact - Zach Drevno, Tim Drevno's son has committed to Vandy (I believe as a walk-on) as a long snapper.  Zach is a member of the 2018 recruiting class.

  • Speculation is that Tim will follow Zach to Vandy and will have a role on Derek Mason's staff.  -Just a rumor at this point.

  • Michigan insider, Sam Webb has speculated that there are more staff changes to come. 
Is this something or nothing?  Hard to tell at this point but we should see soon.   BTW: Drevno leaving for Vandy wouldn't help with Michigan's recruitment of Rice OT transfer Calvin Anderson.

Update: Its happening folks!!!

Former OSU and Minnesota OC Ed Warinner is expected to be named the offensive line coach.   No word on the OC, probably Pep or the Shark lover.
  • This FBI/Yahoo/SI Basketball Investigation is going to continue to find out information.  The latest report includes MSU star Miles Bridges.

  • Steve Lorenz at 24/7 is saying that Michigan has 38 offers out in the state of Georgia for the 2019 class.


EzmoB said...

Tim Derveno has stepped down from his position

Voice of Reason said...

FWIW, I think Drevno is a great guy and a quality coach to have on anyone's staff. With that being said, it seems to be good for Drevno to find a program (maybe like a Vandy) that can more fully appreciate his skills.

I think behind the scenes Harbaugh saw this coming and that is why he was shuffling pieces around in order to be ready for the inevitable. One true sign of a great leader is the ability and insight to do an honest self assessment of yourself and your program, look at the results honestly and then make the adjustments. This is what Harbaugh has apparently done. Drevno has been with Harbaugh for a number of stops and has done relatively well, however, now he's not getting the results that is needed for a Michigan program and so changes (even difficult ones) need to be made. I've seen coaches whose programs were struggling and they (like many fans) would look at everyone else and throw the wrong person under the bus, then get fired anyway because they didn't do an honest self evaluation.

Harbaugh apparently has a rebuilding plan and we've seen it in the type of hires he has made and the transfers that are coming in. I like ED Warriner as the OL coach (and a OC contributor), and I don't mind McElwain as the OC/WR coach, he's done well with them in the past. Some people are better position coaches and/or coordinators than they are head coaches. Quite often our American drive to get to the top blinds us from being able to tell the difference.
Michigan football will be fine. IMHO!!!

SecondChance said...

Nice writeup Bob, although I can do without the shark jokes.