Thursday, February 1, 2018

Michigan Thursday: Full Court Press on Calvin

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Who is Calvin Anderson?

Calvin is a 6'5 300 pound Offensive Tackle from Rice.   His hometown is Austin, Texas.

-He has been honorable mention in C-USA the last two seasons.   He started all 12 games last season and has played the prior two seasons as well.
-He was a DT out of high school and was a member of the national society of high school scholars.
-His father played football at Army and his grandfather played professional tennis.
-His major at Rice is Mathematical Economic Analysis (which just thinking about makes my head hurt)
-Special Talent: He can solve a Rubik's cube behind his back. 

He is also a graduate transfer and looking at both Michigan at Texas to play his final year and maybe make a play for the NFL Draft next year.

Calvin might be the only way Tim Drevno's saves his job at Michigan.   We have been talking about how the off season has not gone well for the Wolverines.   Tim is no exception as he continues to have misses on the recruiting trail and already apologized to his current offensive lineman for not coaching them well enough last season.   Not to mention that Michigan had one of the worst offenses in the country last year.   This was the guy a couple years ago that was going to be the next head coach from the Harbaugh tree and now seems to be fighting to keep his $1M salary and not being demoted or fired.

Coach Drevno has visited Calvin a number of times and was even there yesterday.   Full court press time!

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Goose said...

I'm guessing that this is one of those situations that as soon as this young man signs we will see some movement in regards to drevno?