Thursday, February 15, 2018

Michigan Thursday: Looks Like McElwain Is The Guy

Sam Webb and 24/7 are reporting that sources have confirmed former Florida head coach and Alabama OC Jim McElwain is expected to take a role on Jimmy's staff as it's final assistant.   This is the role that Dan Enos had a cup of coffee in before heading to Alabama, where it seemed he wanted to be all along.  

If you read this blog, you know where I stand on this hire.  I don't see much reason to bring Jim in at this point as his program at Florida had very similar issues to what Michigan has right now.   With that said, he does have a nice coaching resume and is over qualified for the role. 

What might be more interesting then the hire is what is projected to be his role in the offense.   Insiders are saying the McElwain will be taking over the OC and WR coaching role.   With Drevno being demoted to OL coach and Pep to QB coach.   Now the question remains, do you pay your OL and QB coach a $1M a year?  They both have contracts, so I guess the answer is Yes.

I have been a big supporter of Jimmy and his off season actions.  I love the European trips, the satellite camps, IMG spring breaks, and Signing of the Stars.    I just don't get this off season at all.  I don't get what seemed to be a de-prioritization of the 2018 class,  I don't understand what is going on with his coaching staff and his recent hires.  Not to mention a completely poor performance in the Outback Bowl and the questionable status of players like RB Kareem Walker and WR Grant Perry. 

The one coach Jimmy has been able to beat, he hires after his time at Florida goes down in flames.  At this point, its hard to tell if Jimmy is a coaching genius or a desperate coach looking for a Hail Mary.   To say the least, I'm very concerned at where this is heading.  Yes, those fears are a bit pre-mature but there seems to be more questions then answers at this point.  

With all of that said, Jimmy can erase any doubt with an eligible Shea Patterson and a double digit win season next year. 

  • Michigan Basketball got its win against Iowa last night.   They host #8 OSU on Sunday and then hit the road for two final games before the Big 10 Tournament in NYC.


Scott K said...

Here's my two cents:

I think Jim is a bit like the president. Like him or hate him, he is who he is, he does what he does. He has an objective for his actions, many people won't understand it and won't understand him, but he doesn't give a shit.

If this was his 1st big-time coaching gig, at his Alma Mater, he might be desperate looking for a hail mary. The reality is, this isn't his first big-time job, the guy took the 49ers to the Superbowl and was a reception away from the win.

I believe he has a master plan, the dial back may very well be more about him re-evaluating what happened over years 1 thru 3 and drilling down on what needs to happen to make years 4 thru 6 better.

By all accounts, there is no one more competitive than our coach. You can bet he's working overtime to improve.... If I felt spending time on something other than this recruiting class was what he needed to do, he had a reason.

We are all sick of losing to little bro and the unspeakables south and east of A2. Woulda, shoulda, coulda.... a bad spot, a muffed punt, a couple late game defensive stops change the whole perceptions/conversation.

I believe we're going to be fine..... If not Jim, then who? He is the best guy for the job. Keep the faith, a little more patience, there is a light ahead.


GoBlueGuy said...

I’m st a loss for words with Coach Harbaugh at this point. Fifty three years of fandom on my part I can’t believe how things have changed with him. Last year he was emotional on the sidelines. This year it was the opposite. There was rarely any emotion. I, like many others, thought high ranked recruits, especially QBs, would be knocking down the door to come to Michigan and play for a coach like Jim Harbaugh. It has not happened and then this year we lose high ranked recruits and start filling the class with recruits who have little to no offers from other big schools. I know Jim is quirky, but I’m really concerned. After the bowl debacle against South Carolina I’ve lost a great deal of confidence in this program. Part of me says trust the coaches. More of me says Jim doesn’t want to be here anymore and has lost major interest. It might be because he is tired of being questioned about coaches, offensive live, etc. Maybe the “All in” effort. The enthusiasm unknown to mankind is losing its glow. I don’t know. My love for Michigan football has diminished so much I start questioning “Why not us”? Why MSU? Why OSU? Why can’t we win like them? With the most difficult schedule in the country this year I’m not sure we are going to have a stellar year. It looks like 8-5 or 9-4 with losses to our rivals again. Notre Dame? The hell with Notre Dame!

Steve Zander said...

Thom said...

Why would a high ranked QB want to come and play for Harbaugh,knowing that over the last three years he goes out and gets a QB transfer. A top QB is going to go where he gets a chance to play, not sit for years behind a transfer, then another transfer and so on.