Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Welcome To National Signing Day

Potential Drama: Otis Reese to Michigan or GeorgiaNicholas Petit-Frere is trending to OSU.  I don't have any faith that he is heading to Ann Arbor.  So hopefully he doesn't pick Columbus.

Expected to Sign: Ronnie Bell, Vincent Gray, and Mike Barrett

News: There were reports that Shark Lover Jim McElwain was in Ann Arbor yesterday to meet with Jimmy to discuss an assistant coaching role.  Don't love this move if it happens.  Also, Jimmy is expected to hire University of San Diego offensive coordinator Tanner Engstrand as an offensive analyst.  Rather see him get the assistant role for some young blood and a new approach.   Michigan Basketball lost to Northwestern last night.

Not happening this year: Signing of the Stars

Let's hope a couple things go Michigan's way today. 

10:30: Jarrett Patterson to ND. Trending seems to be Otis to GA, we will see soon.
10:40: Nicholas Petit-Frere to OSU
10:45: Otis Reese to Georgia
10:53: Michigan reporting 0 LOI's in
11:00: Things have gone as bad as possible for the Wolverines this morning
11:30: Michael Barrett LOI is in
11:45: Vincent Gray is in
12:10: Ronnie Bell is in

Those are all the recruits Michigan is expected to sign today.  By all accounts, not a successful close to the class.  

Some info on Otis Reese - Otis picked the Bulldogs over the Wolverines and Georgia is signing (including Reese) 4 LB's in this class.   Michigan has one in Cameron McGrone in this class.

Georgia's LB in this class
Adam Anderson is a 5 star rated #18 in the country by 24/7
Quay Walker is a 4 star and rated #31 in the country
Otis Reese is a 4 star and rated #89 in the country
Channing Tindall is a 4 star and rated #103 in the country

Anderson and Walker play the same position as Reese and Michigan couldn't make a better case for him. 


Scott K said...

I think there is WAY too much ballyhoo about the lack of WOW factor in this years recruiting class. I don't think this is a symptom of the coaching staff not being able to recruit, Jim getting tired of courting high schoolers, etc.

I would bet our class in '19 will be a top 10, maybe Top 5 class. This year is a relatively small class and there were a number of kids that were targeted, that signed early and filled the available spots.


Steven Sieb said...

If he goes to OSU, this would be catastrophic. We need desperately need quality linemen. Especially tackles.

Emily Gorski said...

Frere to OSU. Are you #$@$&@ kidding me!?!?!

Reese to Georgia? How does a kid keep us on the hook for months and then pick Georgia at the last %$#@&# minute!?!?!?!

Patterson to ND.

I've had it with this BS!!! I'm so sick and tired of losing out on OLinemen. This is ridiculous.....3 years in a row now.

As for Reese, %$@# him. Don't need him anyways.

Emily Gorski said...

If Drevno can't close on Anderson, then he should be fired.

SecondChance said...

Michigan is now 3 star U. Coach em' up, and they can be better that many 4-5 stars.

Cormac said...

Win some important games and then they might come.