Monday, March 12, 2018

Michigan Monday: Hello Wichita.and Montana

Michigan would have loved to have gotten MSU's spot, a #3 seed and two games in Detroit Rock City.   Remember, when Michigan got the Outback Bowl Bid over the better record MSU?  Well, that just happened to Michigan.  It didn't matter that Michigan won the Big Ten Tournament and MSU twice, MSU had the better record and the committee gave them the home cooking. 

Michigan now has to go on the road to Wichita, Kansas and play a Montana team as a 3 seed in the West.   This bracket could set up a re-match with North Carolina in the sweet 16.   This time Michigan is much approved and this will be on a neutral site court.    If Michigan can stay hot after the 10 day layoff then I like their chances in this bracket. 

It probably will be a 10:00 tip or later on Thursday, so schedule some late appointments on Friday because you might be a little late to the office. 

I know very little about Montana but I know they start two 6'2 guys and three 6'8 guys.   They will probably try to play small ball against Michigan and to have a chance will have to shoot the lights out of the building.   This is not a roll over team and what seems a pretty decent match-up for a round one game against a 3 seed. 

If Michigan can get by Montana, they will either play a good Houston team or San Diego State.  If SDS wins Round One, it will be a match-up of former Steve Fisher's teams.

  • Calvin Anderson as your probably know and predicted went home to Texas.   Calvin was a 2 star out of Austin and didn't get s sniff from UT, now he is a longhorn.   Even though I wanted him in Ann Arbor, you can't blame a kid for fulfilling a dream. 

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Voice of Reason said...

Regarding Calvin Anderson, I have mixed feelings about this one. On one hand it would have been nice to have an experienced tackle come in and compete (and win) the starting position. That is assuming that he was able to win the position which was no guarantee. Fifth year transfers in any sport don't always pan out.

Moreover, on the other end of the spectrum, had Anderson started and locked up the position, my concern would have been his one year could have delayed the development of a player that could have used that year to mature and solidified the OL. In any case you can't blame a kid for going where his heart leads him and that case it's home. IMHO!!!