Monday, March 19, 2018

Michigan Monday: A Wow Weekend!

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As Michigan football fans, we are used to disappointment and have a self protecting device in all of our brains that protect us from complete melt downs.  So when it looks like the game is lost, that device triggers and we start thinking the game is over before its officially over.  That device allows us to deal with the loss prematurely, so we can move on to worrying about other things like Spring Football and whether Shea Patterson is eligible or not.

We would love to turn off that device, with thoughts like it's not over until its over, but then we remember things like block fields goals against App. State and Colorado's Hail Mary.  So that thought really has the opposite effect because it brings up memories of how Michigan has lost on the final plays.   For some reason we struggle to remember anytime Michigan won on the final play or last second, but we surly remember the losses. 

That changed on Saturday night.  We watch Michigan pretty much play as poorly as they could for two games and now understood it caught up to them.   Michigan's senior guard misses a wide open lay-up to tie and now Michigan has to foul with only 3.6 seconds left.   Michigan's defense was keeping them in the game but the shooting again was off and the officials were calling every little bump or touch.   Michigan was shooting air balls from 3 and the motion offense lacked motion.   It looked like it was going to be a long night before it wasn't. 

I watched the final play standing up as I was putting away the snacks and drinks as it was time for bed.  Michigan gets the clean pass to half court, which surprised me and then MAAR dribbles into double coverage, he decides to dump it off to a freshman.   The ball seemed like it was in the air for 5 minutes.    As the entire play felt like it was in slow motion, because the devise in our heads didn't want it to be too painful for us.  The ball goes in and the bench explodes.   My first thought was, "lets make sure he got the shot off".  As it was clear the device was doing its job. 

I had to sit down to take it all in.  What had happened?  The device had malfunctioned?  Michigan somehow won a game that wasn't winnable with 3.6 seconds left?  Maybe a tie and overtime, but this was a Michigan win?  It took a few minutes for it all to make sense. 

Hats off to Jordan Poole and that big shot!  What a win and another win for the Wolverines when they didn't have their A game.   I'm not sure they even had their B game this past weekend. 

Time for us to reset our devices!

  • I'm not sure this blog has ever lead with another story when a 4 star QB commits over the weekend.  Cade McNamara a 2019 4 star QB from Nevada and recent ND de-commit committed to the Wolverines on a visit this weekend.   Cade is 6'1 and around 200 pounds and a 4 star QB to Rivals and Scouts, ESPN rates him as a 3 star and barley in their top 300.  He does look taller then 6'1 as he looked a little taller standing next to Jimmy who is 6'3.  Most of the services has him rated around the 9th pro style QB in the country.  Cade has started since he was a high school freshman and has a ton of playing experience all ready.  His offer list was an impressive one with the likes of ND, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and others.    He is headed to a for sure red shirt when he gets to Michigan as the Wolverines will have a room full of QB's even if Shea does head to the NFL.    With Cade's commitment the Wolverines have the 5th ranked 2019 class on 24/7 which is the zip code the Wolverines should be in every year.  If you need more information on Cade and his commitment check out Mgoblog.

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Steve Zander said...

I was standing too, ready for bed one minute, stunned the next. I wasn't excited, I was stunned!!! Nothing but net. Wow!