Thursday, March 8, 2018

Michigan Thursday: Calvin Anderson Ready To Announce This Weekend

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We all know too well that Michigan didn't hit a home run in offensive line recruiting in the 2018 class.   So our next best hope was finding a graduate transfer.   Calvin Anderson from Rice is the top offensive tackle transfer prospect and many big time teams are coming after him like Texas, Auburn, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and others. 

The issue is Calvin's home town is Austin, Texas and "its hard to say no when Mamma calls", was the famous Bear Bryant line.   The other problem is, Jimmy for some reason put Tim Drevno in charge of his recruitment and they hit it off.  They went to Top Golf and did other fun things together, it was a start of a regular bro-mance.   Calvin is also a big fan of recruiting director Matt Dudek and (hopefully soon-to-be starting QB) Shea Patterson.   The other advantage Michigan has is, Calvin would be able to block an NFL worthy D-Line during practice at Michigan and getting prepared for the NFL draft is the reason Calvin is looking for a one year gig.

Reports though are that OL Coach Ed Warinner hasn't been down to visit with Calvin at all.   So Michigan has a chance, but probably a slim one right now.   There was also a rumored back-up plan for a SEC offensive lineman that now seems to be off the table.   If Calvin doesn't pick the Wolverines, their best bet is to see what the transfer market looks like after Spring Practice.   We all know how difficult it is for transfers to qualify academically in Ann Arbor, so there maybe little to no options in that pool either.  If your wondering about Calvin academically, he is graduating in a degree in Mathematical Economic Analysis.   This transfer seems like a good experiment in his own mathematical economic analysis and whether he will get to the NFL or not. 

Calvin is expected to announce sometime on Saturday.


Emily Gorski said...

Why the hell wouldn't Warinner have gotten his ass on a plane right away to go see this kid in person? smh

EzmoB said...

Emily I'm pretty sure JH told ed not to go. I'm sure ed has called and spoke top him already. Calvin knows ED's resume

Voice of Reason said...

I agree in principle that he should have gone to see Calvin Anderson by now, however, according to the Michigan Athletic website, "Ed Warinner was hired as Michigan's offensive line coach on March 8, 2018," which means that he wasn't actually the coach until today. We don't know what the hold up was but it was likely part negotiation of sticky contract details along with having his contract officially approved by various stages along to bureaucracy, and so forth. Plus, they wouldn't have know before last night (7th) that he was going to announce his decision this Saturday.

The general rule of thumb which may have applied here, is that you don't have someone (whom you are trying to hire) doing the work "before" they are officially hired. It is usually in part for liability reasons. It is likely that he (Warinner) has called Calvin today after his official promotion and explained what was the hold up was.

If national academics play a part in this decision then you have Michigan #5 and Texas/Austin #14. When it comes to comparing the number of 2017 prospects that were drafted into the NFL between the two schools Michigan #11 and Texas #0 (?), I can't identify any from Texas. The point being that based upon those measurable tools that make the most sense, the pick for Calvin Anderson "should" be Michigan. However, youth determines their own logic so we will see. IMHO!!!

Emily Gorski said...

I don't agree because Warriner was already a part of the program even before Drevno left. In addition, when Drevno left it was well known who that replacement was.......