Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Michigan Tuesday: Trey Burke Loves Him Some March

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I'm sure Trey Burke hasn't been very happy with his NBA career to date.  He seemed to struggle with Utah, got traded to Washington, and then found himself out of the league.   College's Player of the Year in 2013 can't find a home in the NBA and started the season in the G-League. 

Trey quickly tore up the G-League and NBA teams started to notice.   The Knicks were struggling and needed some scoring help with former teammate Tim Hardaway out early in the year with an injury.

Last night Trey went for 42 points and 12 assists for the Knicks against the Hornets.  Lets hope he has finally found a home and a nice long career in the NBA.

  • GA 3 star 2019 offensive guard Ty Murray visited A2 this past weekend and said it "felt like home".

  • Michigan seems to still be recruiting the QB position for 2019 and continues to recruit Graham Mertz who is committed to Wisconsin.

  • 2019 four-star DE Joseph Weté also visited A2 this past weekend.

  • Jalen Rose 100 year old grandmother has a message for Sister Jean - "It's been a good ride, but its over!  Go Blue!"

  • I know we don't like to think about, what if scenarios but..............What if DJ Wilson was still on Michigan and not on a bench in the NBA?  DJ was just re-called from the G-League Wisconsin Herd back to the Milwaukee Bucks.  He scored 19 points in his final G-League game but is not expected to be in the Bucks rotation when he returns.


Tim said...

Thanks Bob.

Easy for me to say this from left field cheap seats, but many of these kids need to stay in school. So many kids leave school early only to be out of the league in 2 years or less.

Football question: I assume no news on Grant Newsome? I believe last I heard he is not cleared to play. Any idea how good he is doing? Can he run? Any gut feel on if he will ever play football again?

Bob said...

Thanks Tim, you have the same information I do on Grant. I think he is healing and jogging but still not ready for contact. I expect he will be out the entire Spring with the hopes for getting ready for Fall Camp. If he is not ready then, I expect he will take a medical redshirt and be done with football. I really hope we get some good news about him this summer.

Voice of Reason said...

FWIW, I agree Tim on the kids needing to (go) and stay in school. If they don't make, land or stick with the pros then at least they will have an education. I used to think that, that is what school was all about. However, now we're more like the minor leagues for many pro sports.

Do you remember when Pep Hamilton in his interview with Sam Webb spoke about Joe Milton being really into his preparation for football and seemingly going over board? He stated that Milton was this way because he didn't have anything to go back to. Football was all he had as a hope for his future. To me that is a sad commentary on what this is all about. Yes, he would potentially make millions of dollars but the down side is he is likely to end up with a concussion syndrome and have a poor quality of health that the public don't really see.

Regarding Grant Newsome, he's made it clear that he will listen to the medical advice of his doctors, however, he wants to eventually play in the NFL. That dream gets kids (and their families) to thinking that this is their ticket out of either poverty or mediocrity. I wish them all well. IMHO!!!