Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wolverine Wednesday: Football News and Notes

Jimmy said on his podcast that he is not ruling out Wilton coming back to the program.   My guess is that Wilton was counting on Jedd Fisch getting a head coaching job or at least an OC role.  That didn't happen and I'm wondering what the market is for the big QB?   Many have speculated that Wilton will come back if Shea's NCAA waiver is not approved. 

Fun Quotes from Don Brown on his defense:

“Can’t say enough good things about Herb[ert] and the strength staff. Really gave us a really solid group of guys in terms of cardiovascular and bigger, stronger, faster, and just glad to be back with my guys.
“Been doing this a long time. This might be if not the fastest then one of the fastest groups I’ve ever been around, so pretty excited about it. Obviously we’ve got a lot of things to work on but we’ll get there. There’s no question in my mind.”

"This Khaleke Hudson is playing at a tremendous level a year ago, and I think he’s a much better cover guy right now. He’s playing at a much faster rate. He should go kiss Ben Herbert on the lips because he’s helped him tremendously.
“This Josh Ross is gonna be a dude. He’s gonna be a really good player. Drew Singleton will be a very good player. Noah Furbush, his arrow is so far up from a year ago.

"Secondary-wise, if you ask me, the guys that have made the biggest jump: Ambry Thomas has practiced extremely well for three practices. I’m talking jumpers now. You know we’ve got Lavert [Hill] and David Long, Brandon Watson. Those three guys are veteran guys that are playing pretty good, but this Ambry Thomas, now? Different level. Confident. Fast. He ran through on a sweep play—now, again, we were in pajamas the other day, so it’s not a physical thing, it’s just like Wow, that was fast, so happy with him.

How have your two early-enrollees looked so far?
“Uh, Myles Sims? Had a big play today. Not out of place. I’m talking about you watch him make a break on the ball and I kind of went Damn, he’s big [holds hands level with the top of his head].

“Oh, Taylor. Um, good, young, fast, athletic, and willing. We need to get him a couple cheeseburgers and some baked beans and some pizza and he’ll be just fine.

Here is some more tidbits from insider umBig11:
  • RB is Higdon, Evans and open
  • Black and Collins are impressing at WR
  • Ambry Thomas is making big strides as you can see above
  • Punting still seems to be an issue

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