Friday, April 20, 2018

Michigan Friday: Just Coach Football

I was reading a Mgoblog post yesterday, where they were discussing the state of the program after the coaching changes this spring.   We have heard about the new focus of the new coaches, the younger guys they brought in like Gant and Roundtree, and even the new attitude of head coach Jim Harbaugh.   This paragraph from the article was very interesting to me:

What it means: There’s a sign on Harbaugh’s desk this year that reads “Just coach football” and there’s a strong narrative emanating from Schembechler that his focus has shifted back to the program instead of positioning it (and himself) nationally/globally. I believe that’s being framed so positively by those around the program because that’s their perspective, but that both are worthwhile pursuits. For this year I think it’s a good thing, since the headlines did their jobs and there were some important things being overlooked on the home front.

So the head coach of Michigan's program forgot to coach football?  It happens.   We pay these guys a ton of money and they become CEO's.  Coaching in college is 24/7 and 365 days a year job.   Recruiting never stops, there are alumni events,  charties, golf tournaments, and so on.

Brian Kelly went through the same things two seasons ago at Notre Dame.  He re-focused on football and his team played better last season.  It's hard to fathom that the head coach at Michigan forgot to coach football, but I guess it can happen.    People seem to be saying the right things this spring, but they say the right things every spring.   The proof will be in the results on the field in September. 

  • Breaking News: Speaking about coaching football.  OSU former coach Earl Bruce past away this morning.  RIP Coach!

  • Ole Miss, pretty much told the NCAA we don't have anything more to add, to Shea Patterson's response to NCAA request for new information.  My guess is Ole Miss is done paying for this situation and just wants to move on.   Which we all should do, once the NCAA grants the waiver!

  • 2019 Instate OL recruit Karsen Barnhart was expected to announce today and it was expected to be a Michigan decision, has delayed that announcement.

  • Alabama and ND signed a new home and home contract. Alabama will open the 2028 season in South Bend with a return visit to Tuscaloosa in 2029.

  • Speaking of Bama, there is plenty of "smoke" around the Jalen Hurts might transfer "fire" story, if he is not named the starter.

  • Michigan has offered NJ 2019 defensive end David Ojabo.

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