Friday, April 27, 2018

Michigan Friday: Shea is Eligible Immediately

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Late afternoon Update:  It’s officially official!

Rivals first reported it and 24/7 confirmed that the NCAA has granted Shea Patterson immediate eligibility.   The official announcement is expected today or early next week.

I'm always a little worried about these type of reports with the NCAA, but all signs point to a decision in Michigan's favor here shortly.   The funny part is, Shea and the team will get to celebrate in Paris as they landed there yesterday. 

The Michigan coaches gave all 3 QB's equal time with the one's during spring practice as Shea's eligibility wasn't clear.  I now expect he will take more 1st string snaps in fall practice and will have to pick up more of the playbook during the summer.  I believe the coaches can't be on the field coaching but can meet with the players, which should help Shea prepare for next season.

This is great news, I hope it becomes official today.  

Quick update: There is some paperwork that needs to be signed and some language changed but its close to being completed. 

Shea it with me:  GO BLUE!!

  • Mo didn't get taken in the first round and lets hope he is picked up early tonight as rounds 2 & 3 are this evening.   If you're wondering, Mike McCray is expected to go in day 3 in rounds 5-6.  If either guy gets drafted, Michigan will have 80 years in a row of players being drafted by the NFL.

  • I'm not a fan of the way Cleveland handled the draft last night.   I think they could have gotten Barkey and a top QB.  I like Mayfield but don't believe he was the best QB or the best player in the draft.    (I would have liked Mayfield around #10 or so) I also don't believe you can pass on Chubb at #4, even though they drafted Myles Garrett last year.  If they went with Barkley at #1 they could have gotten Mayfield at #4. 


Cormac said...

I wonder how long SP will remain the savior for Michigan football. It was only a year ago that many of the same people now wetting their pants over SP were doing so with BP. Now BP is being thrown away by many.

Goose said...

We are a fickle fan base. Won't be long and we will be getting reports of Jalen hurts coming to Michigan & we will begin praising him as savior. Truth is there's nothing to save Michigan is doing just fine.

Cormac said...

Amen, Brother Goose!

Renegade said...

It's a matter of opinion on whether M is "doing just fine". At 5-4 they finished in fourth place in their division. Not the Big 10, their division. In the Big 10 their record was sixth best.

The team has regressed each year under Harbaugh. Their recruiting has gone steadily down hill. The offensive line has not noticeably improved. People get excited about a transfer QB ... again.

I was born and raised in A2. Have supported all M athletics my whole life. But we need to be realistic about the situation. Their is a ton of room for improvement.

Bob said...

Everyone is right! I would say that the recruiting for the 2019 class is looking up, but there is room for a lot of improvement on the field. It's time for the offensive line to step up and the Michigan QB to be really good. With the buzz out of Columbus, we might miss the days of JT Barrett under center, which is crazy to think.