Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Michigan Lost The Battle of The 6th Men

Villanova's 6th man: Donte Divincezo 31 points
Michigan's 6th man: Duncan Robinson 0 points

Ball Game

Villanova was the better team, Michigan missed 20 attempts from the 3 point line, couldn't get defensive boards, and wasn't able to come back from foul trouble with about 3 minutes left in the first half.  Michigan had to put out a lineup with very few options for offense and Villanova took advantage and built a 9 point lead at the half.   Villanova is too good a team and you can't play from behind and expect to win.

Michigan shut down the player of the year, he was in foul trouble and finished with 9 points.  Outside of Bridges 19, the game was won by the unconscious 6th man and his 31 points.   Sometimes there is nothing you can do about a hot shooter.  

Michigan continued to struggle with its offense and this time it was the Forwards with the poor play on both sides of the ball.  Matthews had 6 points and struggled to guard Divincezo and Robinson finished his basketball career with posting a goose egg.   Michigan's guards played well, MAAR had 23 and Simpson added 10 points (and shut down the #1 player in the nation).   The only other person to really score was Wagner's 16 points. 

That was not a winning formula and it showed in the second half. 

With all that said, this team very much over achieved this year and it just showed the great development by the coaching staff and the heart of the players.   I know this loss stings, but Villanova has been the best team all year and it showed again tonight.  They have little to no weakness on either side of the floor.   Michigan left its best basketball in Madison Garden and struggled to find it again and still made it to the Final 4.   That alone is quite the accomplishment!  Well done guys and keep your heads high!

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