Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Michigan Tuesday: Wonders If We Should Call Him Jackie?

Here is an interesting thought (at least it was for me):
Did the cancellation of the Spring Game actually help recruiting?

Michigan landed another commitment last night in Jack Stewart, which we will get to in a minute.  What's interesting is some thoughts from Instate OL prospect Karsen Barnhart's mom on not having the game and getting more personal time with the staff and the other families:

“This one was probably one of my favorite visits because the spring game was canceled, so we were in a close environment,” she said. “You got to mingle with a lot of the parents during the practice. And Coach Mattison’s wife found me right away when we got there and started introducing me to several different moms and telling me about their son (Bryan Mattison, who was an All American offensive line recruit in the early 2000s).

“Every visit we’ve had has been great there,” Mrs. Barnhart said. “One of the things that I like about every visit (to Michigan) … and it’s not that we’re not very special at other places… but we are treated top notch at Michigan. Someone is always there to guide you. We always have someone that if we need something, they pretty much stick with us throughout the day. Some of these other schools we’ve been on visits to, it’s like you’re kind of left hanging and you don’t know what to do next.”

Side note: We have always known that Coach Mattison is one of  the best recruiters in the country, maybe its really his better half who's the top notch recruiter!

Karsen is expected to announce on Friday and it looks like Michigan has a great chance to make this week a hat trick of commitments. 

Speaking of commitments, Michigan landed another talented offensive lineman recruit in Jack Stewart last night. 

Jack is rated a 3 star prospect and a bit under rated because he plays in "Don Brown" territory out East in Connecticut.  As you probably already know, CT is not known as a football state which means prospects really don't get scouted much.  Which in the past has meant great pick ups for the likes of UConn, BC, ND, and others. 

Jack is 6'5 and 275 as a Junior and has offers from the likes of Arizona, ASU, BC, UK, IU, TCU, Texas AM, Baylor, Maryland, and Ole Miss.  Michigan didn't even offer until April 6th.   I wouldn't be surprised to see his stock and ranking go way up now that he is committed to Michigan.   ESPN for example doesn't even rank him.  

His high school coach likes the player Michigan is getting:

"He has all the ingredients Michigan looks for in a football player," New Canaan coach Lou Marinelli said. "The face he is going to go out there with (Michigan defensive coordinator) Donnie Brown and coach (Jim) Harbaugh and that program, they're going to force him to him be as good as he can possibly be.

"He's a road grinder kind of offensive lineman."

"Jack Stewart is one of my best football players, no doubt," Marinelli said. "He's a big, strong, tough, athlete. He's a heavyweight wrestler."

Two things to point out: 

  1. He called Don Brown, Donnie which I love and shows the long relationship.
  2. He is a heavyweight wrestler which is great for offensive lineman

If we call him Jackie does that mean he will get off to a great start and play fast?

Welcome Big Man!

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