Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Wolverine Wednesday: More Nuggets From The Shea Patterson Case

ESPN and Shea's lawyer Thomas Mars are reporting that the NCAA Case Manager has asked Michigan and Shea Patterson for more information after Ole Miss response back to the NCAA.

Mars said there's no specific timetable for when they expect a final answer, but it's clear "the NCAA isn't dragging their feet on the waiver request and won't take any more time than is necessary."

"I'm encouraged by this particular request," Mars said. "From my perspective, the questions Shea's case manager asked are the right ones to be asking."

Lets hope this is good news and Michigan and Shea can provide the information they are requesting and we can get a decision in the next month or so.

  • One of my favorites that didn't ever materialize, TE Ian Bunting has transferred to CAL.

  • There is talk about a Coach B extension, how about you just give him a lifetime contract and call it a day?

  • Roswell (Ga.) Blessed Trinity Catholic 2019 four-star ATH Steele Chambers called Michigan "one of his top schools" after his visit last weekend.


Renegade said...

Lifeitme contract ... hmmm ... well.

Personally I prefer more the way Walter Alston did it with the Dodgers years ago: one year contracts (btw 23 of them). That way at the end of each season if either side wants out they just cut bait.

I am not a fan of give a guy a long term contract and then three years later he's dumped but gets these annual sums for the remainder of the contract.

Bob said...

Coach B is not a young man and probably has one more contract in him. Doing something that pays him what he has earned and that gives him some type of pension when he is ready to hang him up, is where I was going with the lifetime contract.