Monday, May 14, 2018

Michigan Monday: Matt Millen Needs A New Heart

Matt Millen is a person that Detroit Lions fans are not really fond of.   He took over as the Lions president with his only qualification being that he played the sport and was decent on TV as a color man.   After 7 years, he drafted a ton of wide receivers and flamed out during the 0-16 season.  Detroit Lions fans believe he set the franchise back even longer then that. 

Matt is also a Penn State alum and very proud of his program.  He now works for BTN and its clear that he played at PSU when he does a Nittany Lion's game.   Which of course, does not make him a favorite of Michigan fans either. 

It's time to put those feelings aside, as Matt is fighting for his life with a rare disease that will cause him to need a heart transplant.   From a Peter King SI article:

Millen’s down around 50 pounds in the past year, chasing a cure for a disease called amyloidosis that is particularly evil: He needs debilitating chemotherapy now to fight amyloid, a rogue protein that attacks organs (his heart, in this case). Because the amyloid is attacking his heart, he’ll eventually need a heart transplant to have a chance to live many more years.

Lee’s (Millen's Doctor) testing proved that this disastrous protein, amyloid, was being produced in Millen’s bone marrow and was being deposited in the area around his heart. The amyloid is produced in the bone marrow and in Millen’s case, has traveled to his heart walls, making the heart less elastic and unable to perform the necessary pumping for .healthy heart function. Treatments including chemotherapy could manage Millen’s symptoms but not cure the disease.

I would recommend reading the article, as it's very well written.  Matt hopes to continue calling games this year if he is able to.   Good luck to him and his family. 

  • Michigan QB commit Cade McNamara earned an Elite 11 finals invite this weekend.

  • Michigan Coaches Mattison and Moore were out to watch Kelvin Hicks run track this weekend.  That seemed to make a big impact on the talented 4 star DE.

  • Jalen Wilson a big visitor for the basketball program was offered by coach B this weekend while in A2.  He then tweeted out a picture of Jalen Rose announcing his offer.

  • JT Rogan - Jimmy's director of communications is leaving his role for another opportunity.

  • Jake Butt is back 100% and ready to start his pro career after missing his first year due to the ACL tear in the Orange Bowl.  Jake is even up 8 pounds and feels great.  

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