Thursday, May 10, 2018

Michigan Thursday: The Detroit Lions Like Former U of M Quarterbacks

Jake Rudock has found a nice role as the Detroit Lions back-up QB.  He has really looked good in the pre-season and went 3-5 for 24 yards and 1 pick in his only time during the regular season.   There was even some talk that other teams had inquired about Jake's availability in a trade.   Jake seems comfortable in this role, even though the Lions signed Matt Cassel in the off season.   Some teams carry 3 QB's and some only carry 2, I expect the Lions will carry 3.   The New York Jets have carried 4 over the past few years.

As you know, if you don't get drafted you want to sign with a team as a free agent.   If that doesn't happen, then you hope to get a camp invite.   That has happened for both John O'Korn and Shane Morris for the Detroit Lions.  Both have little to no chance of making the team, but they might be able to impress during camp which could make them attractive to other teams.

I would actually like to see both try out for the new league that is starting after the Super Bowl or maybe the CFL.   Either way, this is a good shot for both of them and I wish them all the luck!

  • Michigan has offered 2019 RB Isaiah Spiller

  • Michigan seems to be offering a ton of 2020 guys right now.  Which seems like its 10 years in the future. :-)

  • 2019 Muskegon OL Anthony Bradford committed to LSU yesterday.  He didn't hold a Michigan offer.

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