Monday, June 4, 2018

Michigan Monday: Coach B and The Pistons

When I first heard the news about Coach B getting an interview with the Pistons, I had a little laugh and thought the Pistons are trying to interview every basketball coach in American before they make a decision. 

Then the Athletic's Brandan Quinn reports this truly could happen.  That Coach is not doing this for more money at Michigan and both sides are interested in continuing the conversation. 

Now that doesn't mean this is a done deal by a long shot, but it also doesn't mean they had a cup of coffee at Starbucks to discuss basketball either.  We know coach just put down new mulch, this is no time to leave!   :)

Coach is 65 and this might be his last and final shot at the NBA.  I'm a little surprised that he even wants to go to the league in the first place.  I guess the NBA bright lights out weighs the "hired to be fired" circumstance.   We will see what happens, but Warde better put together that new contact quickly and pay his assistants what they are worth. 

  • Michigan QB Cade McNamara has been at the Elite 11 Camp all weekend and continues to rank in the top 10.

  • Jimmy spoke yesterday and said that they are a little below the 85 scholarship limit and 2 people have left.  Some insiders are saying that number could be 3.   It's not uncommon for players to leave after Spring Ball when the signs don't show a path to playing time.   I expect we will hear this week who the players are.  The internet is predicting that it's probably a RB and WR for the first 2 that are leaving. 

  • Remember former Michigan commit Vic Viramontes?  He recently joined Minnesota and now has decided to leave and head back to California.  That leaves the Golden Gophers with 1 scholarship QB.  Speaking of guys that have been with a few programs TE Chris Clark has also left Pitt this Spring.

  • Michigan makes the top 5 for 2019 Instate Viper/LB Lance Dixon.  His other schools include: Ohio State, Michigan State, Penn State and Wisconsin

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Mike Tebbe said...

My money is Walker being one of them...