Thursday, June 7, 2018

Michigan Thursday: Wonders Why There Are 40 Rounds In The MLB Draft?

I guess they have to fill a ton of spots in the minor leagues, but you would think there would be a better way of selecting players then 40 rounds of a draft.  How long does the draft take?  A week?   

Many of you might be wondering why in the world would I be talking about the Major League Baseball Draft?  Michigan's starting QB Shea Patterson was drafted in the 39th round yesterday by the Texas Rangers.

Here we go again!  A Drew Henson situation!  Shea is going to take the hundreds of dollars a 39th rounder is going to make and play in the instructional league.  He is going to leave the Michigan Football Program and follow his dream of eating at Denny's and riding buses all over the country.   

No worries Wolverine fans, Shea hasn't played baseball since his junior year of high school and is a much better football prospect then baseball.   This was just a way for the Rangers to waste a pick in what must be a very long process of drafting baseball talent.

  • I was joking about a Drew Henson situation above, but the Oklahoma Football team has that exact issue.  QB Kyler Murray was drafted #9 by the Oakland A's and will receive around a $5M signing bonus.   Both sides are expected to agree to let Kyler play football at OU and play baseball in the summer.   If your wondering, this is completely legal in the eyes of the NCAA.

  • Coach B's new contract is expected to have a "rolling" extension clause, so that he can coach as long as he wants in Ann Arbor.  


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