Friday, July 6, 2018

Michigan Friday: What Do The Numbers Look Like Now?

When Commit-a-Palooza One happened, we took a look at the Wolverines recruiting board for the rest of the class.  Here is what we said on June 26th:

Here is what I believe the Recruiting Board looks like: (6/26)

OT = 1
DT=  1
DE = 1
WR = 2
TE=  1
RB = 1
LB = 1
DB = 1

Since then Michigan has picked up another RB, DE, and a DB/Viper (+ a 2020 DT) in Commit-a-Palooza Two.

Here is the breakdown per position:

QB = Done
RB = Done
OT = +1
TE = Maybe +1
WR = +2 Outside
DT/DE = +1
LB = +1
CB/DB = Done

Michigan now has 19 commits in the 2019 class with an expected class of 24 players.  That only leaves 5 spots.   As you can see, I have 6 spots to be added above for a buffer for any de-commits or players leaving the program.

There is also the 5 star factor.  If a 5 star wants to come to Michigan, the coaches will find room even if its a position they already have filled.

Ranking the needs in importance with top prospect for the position:

  1. OT = IL OT Trevor Keegan
  2. WR = CA Kyle Ford and CT Cornelius Johnson 
  3. DT/DE (see the below bullets)
  4. LB = NC RB Quavaris Crouch, might want to play LB in college or Kalen DeLoach
  5. TE =  CA TE Isaiah Foskey
Michigan is also recruiting a couple DE's that could put the 5 Star rule in effect:
  • Ohio Zach Harrison
  • IN George Karlaftis (committed to Purdue)
  • NJ Aeneas DiCosmo is a 3 star with an offer that I believe the coaches would take
  • I don't see another DT on the board right now
Other players the coaches wouldn't turn down:
  • NC RB Quavaris Crouch at any position 5 star
  • OK S Dax Hill 5 Star
  • TX S Lewis Cline 4 Star
  • Wash DC OT Walter Rouse 3 Star
  • CA Athlete Giles Jackson 3 star (might have lost his spot)


Victor Lacca said...

Isn't that Cine as opposed to Cline?

Scott K said...

Zach Harrison....... I think we're more likely to see Santa Claus commit.