Monday, July 30, 2018

Michigan Monday: Kareem Walking Out The Door Becomes Official

It's a bit strange today when the worst kept secret, stays the worst kept secret.   We have known for months that Kareem Walker is no longer with the program.   Nothing from the player or Michigan's athletic department.   As we sit here today, still nothing from the player or U of M. 

We know officially because Fort Scott Community College head coach said that Kareem signed with the team on Friday.   We also know that Kareem struggled with the academics in Ann Arbor and speculation leads you to believe that was the reason he is no longer a Wolverine.  The reports have always been that Kareem was a great kid and good teammate.   So hopefully this is just a bump in the road for the young running back.  

Since Michigan has both of its top 2 RB's coming back this season, this is clearly a loss for the following seasons.   Michigan has known of Kareem's issues for quite some time and has planned to replace him and has two highly touted RB's coming in the 2019 class.  

Fort Scott is the same JUCO that Amir Mitchell is also attending. 

  • The BBQ came and went without an official commit.   There was some rumors somebody might drop, but nothing yet.   We give about a two week window for kids attending the BBQ to commit.  :-)

  • Congrats to Alan Trammel and Jack Morris on getting into Baseball's Hall of Fame yesterday. 

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