Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Michigan Tuesday: Coach Mattison in Michigan Jordan Player Editions

Sorry all, I just don't have any news worthy items today.  So I thought I would show you this picture of Greg Mattison in a pair of Michigan Jordan's!

Greg Mattison fun facts:
  • Born in Madison,Wisconsin
  • University of Wisconsin–La Crosse graduate
  • He has been a HS coach at two programs
  • He has been with 10 college programs including Michigan twice
  • He of course has been with one NFL team the Baltimore Ravens
  • He was a finalist for Western Michigan's head coaching job in 2004
  • Greg has worked under 3 Harbaugh's: Jack, John, and Jim
  • His defense at Florida won a National Championship in 2006 by beating Ohio State 41-14 in the BCS Championship game.

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