Friday, August 17, 2018

Michigan Friday: The Basketball Team Heads to Spain Today

John Beilein's squad will jump on a bird today and head to Spain.  As we know, Coach B won't be with them as he recovers from heart surgery.   The young Wolverines will spend the next 10 days in Spain as their trip takes them through Madrid and Barcelona.  Michigan will play 3 exhibition games including games against a highly regarded Serbian and Spanish team.

This trip should be educational for the team but should also be a great test on the floor.   With Mo Wagner gone from the team, Michigan is a bit under-rated this season by many college basketball experts.   It will be interesting to see how they play on this trip and if the team can continue to get closer.   It's also a great head coaching test for Saddi Washington as he will lead the team in Coach B's absence.

  • There is some buzz from the sub that Christian Turner might be jumping up to the #3 RB role.  I haven't heard a thing about Berkley Edwards, which means he is not expected to play any RB or Jimmy is keeping it in the Sub.   

  • Sounds like the OSU Urban Meyer investigation might last a week or two more then originally planned as the OSU Presidents said, "it will be finished, when its finished".  

  • TE Coach Sherrone Moore spoke to reporters yesterday about his new job and that he really likes the stable of TE's that he has"There's nothing better than valuable experience on the field," Moore said. "It helps that those guys have all had game experience in big-time moments. It definitely helps in that aspect of adjusting to the staff and adjusting to the team.
    "That's been really good."
    "The enthusiasm, the size, the skill set," Moore said. "They all kind of have something a little different they bring to the table. 
    "It's not really every day you have to coach effort, which you shouldn't have to as a coach -- but with these guys it's easy to come to work everyday."

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