Friday, August 24, 2018

Michigan Friday: Buzz From The Sub

We are almost a week away from football in South Bend.   With the craziness in Columbus still burning, I thought we would address some rumors from the Submarine.  

BTW: Michigan will hold an open practice on Sunday night from 6-7.  If any BHB reader wants to  attend and send me some notes, I will put it on the Blog on Monday.  

Top Rumors:

  • Who is going to play RT?  We are hearing its still an open competition between JBB, Hudson, and true freshman Mayfield.   I think it will come down to JBB or Hudson. 

  • Punter is still a problem. 

  • Who will be the #3 RB?  Christian Turner who was trending to be the #3 has (un-officially) suffered a camp injury.   Competition still rages on. 

  • Gil and Ross are still neck and neck for the open LB job. 
Not a rumor:

  • Shea Patterson asked Charles Woodson if he could wear #2. 

  • Ok, so I might have been wrong about the Jim McElwain hire.  Here is what Tarik Black thinks:  "(McElwain's hire) brings a big impact," Black said. "Coach Mac, I would say, is one of my all-time favorite coaches already. He brings a positive energy, he's always teaching us the little stuff. Teaching us to pay attention to the details, things like that. We've just continued to get better all throughout camp. He's been a great addition to the coaching staff, I really like that guy."

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