Monday, August 6, 2018

Michigan Monday: Wheat to Stone and OSU's Investigation Will Be Completed In a Fortnight

There was a lot of information that happened outside of the Submarine this weekend. So we might as well hit them in level of importance to Michigan fans.

  • Ty Wheatley Jr. has decided to spend this season at Stony Brook.  Which is an FCS school where he can play right away.  I assume he will play TE for them.   Insiders believe that even though Wheat has two years of eligibility left he plans to only play this season and then will take a shot a professional football.   Good luck to him and I hope he catches a 100 balls for the Sea Wolves this season.

  • OSU announced last night that the investigation into Urban Meyer and his consistent lying should be completed in two weeks.   OSU doesn't want this situation to continue into the season and my guess is they give Urban some type of multiple game suspension and try to move on as quickly as possible.   The issue is, I don't know how you can have the highest paid state employee be a consistent liar and knowingly employee/protect a domestic violence offender.   I don't know how you could trust anything that he says is accurate or factual.   This is going to be a difficult decision for the new OSU President that has a few athletic department scandals going on right now.

  • Michigan Football picked up a recruit from Ohio on Saturday.  His name is Quintel Kent from St. Edwards, who is a 3 star WR.   Kent was a summer offer after he preformed well on the camp circuit.  He seems like an under rated WR, that is a bit under sized.  He is 6'0 and 170 pounds that I expect will end up as a Slot WR in Ann Arbor.  He is the first pure WR in the class (George Johnson is listed as an Athlete) and Michigan will continue to add more WR's this recruiting cycle.  Wide receiver is probably the #1 position of need in the 2019 class right now.   Kent is not a headline recruit, but it is a position of need at one of the best high school programs in Ohio.

  • Coach B on Friday offered a fast rising 2019 prospect Cole Bajema and he committed on the spot.  Cole is a combo guard or a small forward out of the state of Washington, he is 6'7 and 175 pounds and attended Michigan's elite camp in June and had a great AAU season in July.  Cole has sky rocked up 24/7's rankings and is now a 4 star and the 61st player in the country. 

  • There has been little to no buzz out of the Submarine.   They are still practicing in shorts, so my guess is there isn't much to see or hear right now. Mid-week they will go full pads during camp.

  • ESPN Gameday will be in South Bend for the first show of the year.  Its a bit surprising, since this is an NBC game.

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EzmoB said...

Ohio St needs to cut ties with Meyers and move forward. If they keep him on, that stigma of protecting a domestic violence offender will stick with him and the university for his tenure three.