Thursday, August 9, 2018

Michigan Thursday: 2016 Skill Positions McGone

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Here is the list of wide receivers, TE's, and RB's in the 2016 recruiting class:

Kekoa Crawford - 4 star WR - Has transferred
Devin Asiasi- 4 Star TE - Has transferred
Kareem Walker - 4 Star RB- Has transferred
Eddie McDoom - 3 star WR - Has transferred
Kingston Davis - 3 star RB- Has Transferred
Nate Johnson - 3 star WR - Has Transferred
Brad Hawkins - 4 star WR - enrolled a year later

Chris Evans - 4 star RB - Co-starter
Nick Eubanks - 4 star TE - Contributor
Sean McKeon - 3 star TE - Starter

That list is shocking to me.  As I'm sure you heard yesterday that Eddie McDoom has decided to transfer.  He was basically just the jet sweep guy last year, Michigan tried to make him a WR and it just never worked.   We assume Eddie was buried on the depth chart under Grant Perry and Oliver Martin, so he decided to look for playing time at another program.  Quick side note on Martin, the roster has him listed as #2 which is the same number of expected starter Shea Patterson.  Which means Oliver probably needs another number if he is ever going to be on the field with the first team offense.

Eddie also struggled to catch the ball on offense and had a very high profile drop in the Michigan State game.  He was a fan favorite though, as every time he touched the ball in the Big House, the crowd would yell: McDooooom!

When reviewing the above transfer list the only guy that would have impacted this years offense is  Devin Asiasi, who many of us expected to be a star.   The ironic thing is that Wilton Speight might still be throwing him balls this season at UCLA.

  • There was a few leaks in the sub last night.  Nothing shocking:  coaches are impressed with Shea Patterson and Michael Barrett is practicing at Viper right now. 

  • Mason Cole is now the starting center for the Arizona Cardinals due to an injury to the starter.


Tim said...

I follow Michigan quite a bit, but I don't pay alot of attention to other schools; especially during the off season.

How normal is this for other top programs (ok, I know MI has not been elite lately but they have strong name recognition and will hopefully be elite soon). Back to my question...does Bama have this much attrition? What about OK, Clemson, OSU, Georgia, USC, FSU, etc??

Is this par for the course for top programs?

Bob said...

I think its par for the course for a few kids to leave each year, unless there is a coaching change. Losing a ton of kids from one recruiting class I would say is somewhat unique.