Thursday, August 16, 2018

Michigan Thursday: Is Big Jon Runyan Jr. Ready To Grab One of the Tackle Spots?

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The Big Ten Network practice report included seeing Jon Runyan take a bunch of 1st team snaps at left tackle.   As we all know, both tackle spots are available this camp and outside the QB position are probably the biggest question marks on the team. 

"I think since moving around last season playing both guard and tackle, and then I was able to focus on mainly tackle (since spring)," Runyan said. "I was able to focus on mainly technique not worried about playing guard and tackle and my technique on the interior and then moving out to tackle. So really ever since spring ball focus on tackle in practice and get myself better, if I can win eight out of 10 times against Rashan (Gary) and Chase (Winovich), I feel like I can do pretty well against anyone on our schedule.”

If Jon has separated himself as one of the tackles, who will fill the other tackle position?  We have heard a ton of positive buzz from James Hudson and Chuck Filiaga has a year experience in the program now.  Both guys are candidates, but JBB has the most experience on the offensive line.   Jaylan Mayfield has also been getting strong reports for a true freshman, but I don't expect he will be rushed on the field so early in his career.   It will be interesting to see which guys run on the field in 16 days.

"I've been repping right and left tackle with the one's and some other guys mixing it in with the one's, too," Runyan said. "So kind of what coach Ed (Warinner) sees what we are doing, evaluating the practice film, mixing it up every now and then, keeping us on our toes. He want the best five out there against Notre Dame. So that's obviously the goal."

  • The Maryland Regents are meeting on Friday and its expected to have a decision on DJ Durkin future after its complete.  Most are expecting that he will be fired.  

  • OSU's Urban Meyer investigation team is also expected to complete its report on Sunday.  Most feel Urban will be suspended and won't be fired.  It will be interesting to see what the OSU President feels about this situation as it's clear Urban protected "a bad egg" because he was grandson of his mentor Earl Bruce.   Urban is also a habitual liar and I'm not sure how you have a guy like that run your football program.  

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