Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Wolverine Wednesday: Pep Was Not A Fan of DJ Durkin

DJ Durkin only coached Jabrill Peppers at Michigan for one year and it seems Pep wasn't a fan.   He was on the Rich Eisen show yesterday and gave Rich his $.02:

“Coach Durkin was a different guy,” Peppers told Eisen. “His tactics were different. It felt extreme at times. I’m just as shocked reading all the stuff that’s going on now, because I thought he was only like that because it was his first time coaching us. He was defensive coordinator, so he was just trying to get us to buy into how he wanted his defense to play.
“And I thought once he became a head coach he would calm down a little bit, become more of a people person, a players’ coach. But I wasn’t really following him once he left because a couple of guys, including myself, didn’t like how everything went down when he left.”
With the current situation at Maryland and being able to recruit Don Brown,  I think Michigan will take its current situation vs. the coaching situation on defense when Jimmy got to Ann Arbor.  (I still think many fans would like Jedd Fisch back on offense).

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Scott K said...

"Pep was not a fan"

I reread the post twice looking for some mention of Pep Hamilton. LOL

EzmoB said...

I vote for jedd to come back! With so the talent on the offense now, gosh how good our offense would be right now......