Monday, September 10, 2018

Michigan Monday: A 2 Commit Sunday

Sunday in college football is for rest and maybe some treatment from the game the day prior.   It's also a time where coaches can spend more time with recruits visiting for the weekend.  As you might imagine, spending a ton of time with recruits on game day could be difficult.

Michigan was lucky enough to land two recruits on Sunday.  A 2019 DE from Florida and a 2020 TE who is the brother of Michigan QB Shea Patterson.   Let's start with the 2019 recruit first.

Mike Morris is a 4 star 6'5 250 pound DE legacy FSU recruit where his father played on the offensive line in the 80's.  So it won't come as a surprise to learn he was a commit to the Seminoles for 2+ years.  FSU was a different program two years ago lead by Jimbo Fisher who is now at Texas A&M.  
Mike has been to the Ann Arbor 3 times now.   He fell in love with Ann Arbor and Coaches Don Brown and Greg Mattison and decided to flip his commitment.   "The past three times I've visited it has just been unreal," Morris told The Michigan Insider. "Just the love they showed me, this was just confirmation. Everything was confirmation. I've been doing a lot of praying about it lately... about what school I should go to. Every sign is pointing to Michigan. The first time I prayed about it, God got me to the right school. (Recently) I was going on my way to school and somebody had cut me off. I was about to have a little road rage, like, 'what are you doing?' Right on the back on that window they had a Michigan little sticker on the back. I was like, 'dang, that's crazy.' That's the first sign I ever got. That was really like, 'okay, I see where he's guiding me.' It's just been constant... constant Michigan stuff that's been putting in my face. That's why I'm choosing Michigan."

Mike had offers from FSU, Tennessee, Clemson, Florida, Miami, UCF, WVU, and others.  Many insiders expect him to grow into a DT like Chris Wormley.   Welcome Big Man!

Nick Patterson the brother of Shea was the second commit of the day.  Nick is a 6'3 215 pound TE and plays his HS football at San Antonio Christian.  Nick would attend Michigan football games with his brother growing up and just couldn't resist the feeling to commit to the Wolverines on Sunday.

"I've been to a lot of different places... a lot of different schools. Right when I walked through the door I felt like it was different," Patterson told The Michigan Insider. "It felt like home. It felt like family. I like how my brother has gotten better over the past few months there. I like my relationship with Jim Harbaugh and Coach Dudek. It just felt right. I just felt super comfortable. Way more comfortable than when I've talked to other coaches and been on other visits. It just felt like home."

Nick is rated as a 3 star right now (still early for 2020) and has offers from the likes of Dartmouth, FIU, Memphis, and Florida Atlantic.

Send us all your Patterson's!  Welcome Nick!

That is a good Sunday.   Now we can switch our focus to SMU, right?

You know what that means!

  • Giles Jackson a 4 star athlete out of CA is expected to announce his decision at 3:00 today.  Giles has offers from Michigan, USC, Florida, Oregon, CAL, Oregon State and others.  

  • Michigan is a 35 point favorite on Saturday 

  • ND on Saturday beat Ball State by one score 24-16.   Wimbush threw 3 picks.  

  • Congrats to EMU who beat Purdue on Saturday.  The Eagles are 2-0!

  • There are some great comments from this weekend's post game article.  I agree that Jimmy needs to open the offense a bit, but knowing his coaching style, I know he doesn't want too many plays on tape for Nebraska, Northwestern, Penn State, MSU, and Wisconsin coming up. 

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Cormac said...

It is great that Jim Harbaugh is getting all these fantastic offensive weapons! I just wish that he would make any stud offensive tackle a HIGH priority and get his commitment! What good is the greatest offensive weapon if you can't use it?