Monday, September 17, 2018

Michigan Monday: Nebraska an Early Look

Some talking heads thought the Big Ten was going to be the best conference in the country this year.  They saw, OSU, Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan, and MSU leading that charge.   Everyone now but OSU and PSU (they had a huge scare week 1 with App. State)  have taken an early season loss and that talk has evaporated.  

Nebraska was also considered another program on the rise with Scott Frost coming home and turning his program into a national power again.  Nobody thought he would do it year 1 but everyone excepted improvements from last year.   Nebraska games so far have included: a cancellation and two loses to Colorado and Troy.   Scott is not happy at the effort and neither are Nebraska's faithful.

To add salt to the wound, Nebraska had two QB's competing for the starter role prior to the season.  True freshman Adrian Martinez won the job and back-up QB Tristan Gebbia transferred to Oregon State. 

I watched the Nebraska - Colorado game and is was a pretty interesting game.  Colorado got to an early lead and then Adrian Martinez brought Nebraska back through his runs and timely throws.   Colorado played like they were trying to lose the game by continuing to run into the Nebraska line when the short passing game was killing the Huskers defense.    Colorado pulled out a late one and Martinez went out with a leg/knee injury.   

Nebraska with Martinez in runs this RPO - option offense that absolutely gets their QB hit on pretty much every play.   When heathy, Martinez is dangerous and is the type of QB that gives Michigan's defense a ton of trouble.  He went through warm-ups but didn't patriciate against Troy.   My guess is Nebraska thought they could get by Troy and have Martinez for the trip to Ann Arbor.   That worked until they found themselves down 17-0 at the half.   

If you look at this game on paper it should be a Michigan blow out win.  When you actually watch both teams, you know if Martinez is healthy this could be a close game.   He still is a true freshman and this will be his first road start, so there is plenty for Michigan to capitalize on.   With that said, Vegas is even confused and has yet to put a line on the game.

  • BYU upset over Wisconsin was surprising but as Michigan fans know they will play you tough and it seems Wisconsin wasn't ready and took the loss at home. 
  • Purdue is 0-3.
  • OSU looked pretty good but was gifted 3 TD's by TCU.   Urban is back now. 
  • Speaking of Urban, he did an interview with ESPN and part 1 aired on Sunday.  His people needs to tell him to stop doing interviews, he still doesn't get it and looks completely lost on what the true issue is.    Though, with his team probably the second best in the country, many will continue to take a blind eye to his lack of leadership and compassion. 
  • What the hell happened to Northwestern?  Duke has a solid team but losing to Akron is very surprising. 
  • Maryland was the surprise of the conference prior to Saturday and then they lose to an 0-2 Temple team at home.  

-Quick surprising stat of the day:  Which Michigan unit is the highest ranked in the country?  This one is a bit of shocker coming into the season.  Punting right now is ranked #3 with over a 50 yard average.  

-No word yet on the injuries of Higdon and Evans.   We should hear more today during Jimmy's press conference.  Evans looked like a cramp. 

-No feedback on Dax Hill's visit.  If he watched the game from a Safeties perspective, I hope he saw immediate playing time.

-Sonny Dykes said that #10 might be the best LB he has ever seen. 

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