Saturday, September 15, 2018

SMU Post Game

Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson throws a strike to wide receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones who takes it 35 yards for a touchdown in the second quarter.
David Gerilick, Det News

Michigan won by 25 points but I thought it was a sloppy, poorly coached game for the Wolverines.
The offensive line was the same and the defense continues to struggle against mobile QB's for some reason.  There is another talented freshman QB (if healthy) headed to Ann Arbor next week to start the Big Ten season.

There were some bright spots and many negatives, which is why we do cheers and jeers:

  • DPJ with 3 TD's! 
  • Other then the early pick, Shea Patterson played well 
  • Tru Wilson runs with heart! 
  • Winovich had a nice game 
  • Metellus with the pick 6 to walk off the first half 
  • Gentry played well 
  • Hydration - I'm for it! 
  • Higdon being out with an injury is not good 
  • Don Brown blitzes too often which opens big plays for the offense
  • Play calling looked like it was straight out of 1965
  • Michigan was down to it's 3rd and 4th RB's 
  • The targeting call on Hudson is going to be costly next week 
  • The officials were terrible 
  • Game took forever with time outs, reviews, and injury time outs 
  • Way too many penalties and pass inference calls 
  • I would give the defense a B- on the day 
  • The second half gave Nebraska tape on how to play Michigan 
  • I have seen Brad Hawkins get beat enough already this season

The most important thing is that Michigan won the game but I didn't see the improvement I was hoping for.   The Michigan offensive line can't pick up a blitz to save their lives and the RB's are whiffing on the blitz.   Tru Wilson actually did a pretty good job a couple of times.  

I was very disappointed in the defense, I thought they didn't cover well and didn't get much pressure with their front 4.  

Nebraska lost and is 0-2 but the Wolverines will have to play much better going into the Big Ten season, mostly against athletic/running QB's.

Michigan ran for 197 (nobody over 100)
Gentry had 95 yards and DPJ had 90 through the air
13 penalties for 137 yards
Michigan defense gave up 319 total yards 


EzmoB said...

Offensive line could not handle the line backers blitz. Evans is not good at picking up blitz. Tru Willson is a hustler, loved watching him run hard. Our OL is bad, really bad. D line wasn't doing much either and DB's were getting owned.

What happened with Higdon?

Goose said...

Is it just me or has our defense gotten worse. I thought that unit would be better than last year but it seems the opposite has happened. Our OL is probably as bad as any in D1. I was glad to see Dpj finally beginning to meet expectations. Well good win onto the next one. I expect scott frost will pull out every trick in the playbook & sadly I believe next week we will be out coached. We may pull the win but the Wolverines have become very predictable on both sides of the ball. Recipe to beat M Rpo's all day & on 3rd & long throw a 50/50 to your best receiver, he will be one on one because Don blitzing everyone.

Tim said...

Yep. Agree on all of the above.

I don’t understand our inability to stop a running QB or have even an average OL.

michael czechowski said...

Other that sub-par safety play, yeah I know Metellus ran 1 back, the DT position doesn't get much push. What this D really misses from last year is Hurst. He constantly disrupted the opposition offense by being in the backfield. That allowed the rest of the D to clean things up. I thought Kemp played solid, still not impressed with Dwumfor or Mone! They're just bodies in the middle!

I know Winovich made some big plays, but I thought too often he lost the edge by crashing down too fast to make the big play. There were at least 3 times it cost us big plays by SMU! Not sure if it was all on him or if someone else was supposed to fill in and keep containment?

Back to safeties, none look like they can cover man to man. Metellus interception was more of a zone look, where he read the QB and made a great break on the ball. Otherwise, the entire secondary is WAY to handsy, and gets flagged far too often. On the 1 SMU TD that got called back for holding, Metellus never looked back. Just stuck up his hands and basically tried to face guard Proche. These guys aren't being coached very well!

EzmoB said...

Porche made our DB's look bad. He was eating Hill's lunch all day. We had no answer for him.

EzmoB said...

It boggles my mind to think JH being out coached by the SMU head coach. That is just simply horrible!

Who watched OSU play last night? They look good! Why can't JH get us to be like that now? He has his recurits and coaches in place to get us back on top. What's the hold up?

Next week Nebraska is going to leave it on the field versus us and we better show up!

dude1984 said...

The defense needs to adapt. Teams know they are a blitz heavy, man coverage D. They need to throw in more zone and fake blitzes i.e. show blitz and back out.

Tommertoffo said...

1. Michigan is getting better.
2. Shea Patterson is a serious QB. Though I like running, we need to utilize him more.
3. I agree; Don Brown blitzes too much. If you blitz too often, you lose its benefit.
4. We should beat Nebraska....even with Martinez.
5. Run blocking AND run play calling has been very interesting - I love the new fake sweep and run up the middle with the single back. The options on that play are many and defenses will have trouble with that play.
6. A quick FB hit works best against run blitzing defenses - especially from the edges. Mason should be used much more.