Friday, September 14, 2018

SMU Preview

Time: 3:30
Location: Big House
Weather: 81 & 30% rain
Line: Michigan -36

It's hard to write a preview for a game with -36 line.  In fact, the biggest win Michigan could get this weekend could be the commitment of 5 Star visitor Dax Hill who is one of the top players
(safety) in the country.

Tale of the Tape:

SMU vs. Michigan = Michigan Everything

I watched a little bit of SMU vs. TCU last weekend.  SMU jumped to an early lead and even blocked a punt.  It seems TCU was sleep walking through the first quarter and it took them getting hit in the face before they woke up.

SMU runs the air raid offense under Sonny Dykes, with an experienced QB in Ben Hicks who threw for 33 TD's last year.   SMU has a lot of slot WR's that are good athletes and could break a long run or two if your not careful.

The offense is a bit- dink and dunk and long sideline throws to try to steal a quick TD.   Will the offense line be able to block the best D-Line they will see all year?  I doubt it.

Keep saying Sonny Dykes, in different voices for 3.5 hours if...………….
  • Gary and Winovich combine for 4 sacks
  • Michigan's offensive line doesn't give up a sack
  • Shea throws for 250 yards with 3 TD's
  • Michigan has 300 yards on the ground again
  • Michigan's defense gets close to another shutout
  • No missed field goals
Wonder if Michigan is looking ahead to Nebraska if...……………
  • Michigan looks bad on offense 
  • Michigan's defense gives up some "splash" plays
  • It rains 
  • Michigan is sloppy in special teams

While I was watching the SMU/TCU game, I spent a good amount of time walking around the house  saying "Sonny Dykes" in a number of different voices out loud.  It drove my family crazy, as they thought I was crazy.   I just like saying Sonny Dykes over and over for some reason.  

Michigan is going to win this game unless they completely don't believe they have to show up to win.  My guess is they still have a lot to prove after that ND performance on both sides of the ball.   They also have to be better with the Big 10 season starting next week.  

I would love to see more Jalen Mayfield and James Hudson at the tackle positions in real game time.  I would also like to see a few more passes downfield as Michigan will not be able to run over every opponent in the Big Ten.  Keeping Shea clean, would be a great goal for Saturday.  

Higdon and Evans get a 100 yards each and Oliver Martin (now #80) gets his first receiving TD. 

Michigan 51 SMU 6 


Mike Tebbe said...

If Hill commits it would be close to or the same effect as when Peppers committed.... This guy is that good....

Hopefully a blow out today so everyone gets to play...


Jack Suzen said...

This is Superb. I want to tell you how much I appreciated your clearly written and thought-provoking article.

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