Thursday, October 25, 2018

Big Ten Preview Week 9

With Michigan off this week, us Wolverine fans have a weekend to put our feet up and watch other teams around America.   There are a few pretty good Big Ten games that will have an effect on the Wolverines and it's run to a possible Big Ten Title.

Game of the Week:

Iowa @ Penn State (PSU -6.5):  Wow, Penn State has a difficult schedule this year.   This game is going to be closer then Vegas thinks.  Iowa has quietly been dominating this Fall, with its only loss to Wisconsin.   I have yet to watch a game that Penn State hasn't struggled.  I like Iowa in this one a lot!  Iowa 28 PSU 24

Wisconsin @ Northwestern (Wisky -6.5) We know the Wildcats play well at home and will try to stop Wisconsin's strong run game.   Northwestern has won 3 in a row but had a questionable score in a 18-15 over Rutgers last week.  Wisconsin 20 NW 17

Indiana @ Minnesota (Ind -2.5): This is a Friday night game.  I like the Golden Gophers at home.  Minnesota 34 IU 32

Purdue @ MSU (MSU -1.5):  Sparty is still reeling after its loss to Michigan last weekend.   When we finally thought all the noise was over, The Big Ten office gives them a $10,000 fine last night.   Michigan got a strongly worded letter.  MSU is injured and beaten and Purdue is riding high after upsetting #2 OSU last weekend. #Tylerstrong was on Sportscenter with SVP last night.   Purdue 44 MSU 14

Bethune-Cookman @ Nebraska (NL):   Nebraska 50 BC 10

Illinois @ Maryland (MD - 18):  Maryland has played well and terrible at times this season.   They are at home and will be Santa Claus looking Lovey Smith.  Maryland 31 Illinois 21

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