Saturday, October 20, 2018

Hail Storm To The Victors

Dale Young Det News

I hate this game, its more of a street fight then it is a football game.  Even before the game starts, MSU is holding hands and runs into a number of Wolverines and almost starts a pre game fight.   The Missile then decides to rough up the Spartan logo.  Jimmy called it "Bush League" which was accurate and ironic at the same time.   As was the late game hail that started to fall, which was clearly a sign from Bo that it was a job well done today.

I don't know about Mark Dantonio, he wins with guys he shouldn't be wining with, but is he a master in football strategy or a coach that prefers to just mix it up and hope for the best?  He is clearly obsessed with this game and I don't know if that really helps his program.   He for sure has taken advantage of Michigan's down time and I expect that came to a close today.  Which he of all people probably understands.

Stat of the day:  Michigan had more penalty yards, then MSU had total yards 99 to 94.

These games are always closer then they should be.   At halftime, I thought to myself, MSU has Michigan just where they want them.  I knew State would get a fluke TD and probably one trick play.  They did both.   Michigan dominated on defense and did just enough against a pretty good defense to win the game.    The long pass to DPJ was huge!

Michigan won this game on defense which was completely dominate on the day.

  • Don "Freaking" Brown 
  • Michigan pass defense 
  • 94 Total Offense for MSU
  • Nearly 400 yards total offense for Michigan 
  • Higdon with 144 against the #1 rushing D 
  • DPJ & Shea with the play of the day 
  • Ben Mason for being Ben Mason
  • Hart's punts are just fantastic 
  • Injuries to JBB and Gary who didn't even make the trip 
  • Nordin looks lost kicking field goals 
  • Evans doesn't look healthy and had a bad fumble 
  • Almost a 100 yards in penalties 
  • Weather
  • 2 turnovers 
Black was dressed and came in for one play.  I didn't see him the rest of the game.   The Wolverines have a much deserved bye week next week and has two weeks to heal and get their mind right for the final drive of the season.   

This was a great road win against a rival.  I hope things are starting to get back to normal around here.   


EzmoB said...

OSU got their ass handed to them! OSU is one dimensional, without a mobile QB they can't do anything. Haskins threw like 70 times today.

We control our destiny at this point. We can win it all out and make the playoffs.

Go blue!

dude1984 said...

That first drive after the weather delay and late 3rd quarter through the 4th quarter Michigan got serious and absolutely dominated MSU. If Michigan played this way for a full 60 it probably would have been a 49-7 win. I'm happy they won and the stats back up a dominating performance, but I wish the score reflected the domination.

The rest of the game was very meh. This team drives me crazy by being way too passive and conservative on O for long stretches.

Rudy T said...

After the season is over, sparty will have a group of players get booted from the team per their usual. And it really takes a lot to get booted from a dantonio team; one in which character is not really a prerequisite. Dantonio seems to always forget that there needs to be an adult in the room. He's no better than the hood rats he recruits. Go Blue! Good win although I would have liked to have seen a 30pt blowout with Shea still throwing bombs when the game was over.