Saturday, October 6, 2018

Home Sweet Big Home

Michigan Football found the comforts of home and dissembled a Maryland football team with the precision of a surgeon.   The Wolverines took care of business and beat Maryland by 3 touchdowns and a great defensive performance through 3 quarters.   

The offense also clicked with the Shea Patterson and the full backs getting a ton of the credit.   Jared Wrangler now has something to talk to dad about around the Thanksgiving table as he scored on a nice TD from Patterson.  

Like any football game there were cheers and jeers:

  • Gentry for 112 yards
  • Higdon with 103 yards 
  • Patterson with 282 and 3 TD's
  • Maryland had 147 yards on the ground (mostly in 4th qtr)
  • Maryland was 5-13 on 3rd down
  • Michigan had 6 penalties 
  • DPJ getting targeted and then catching a TD pass
  • Ronnie Bell had how many stars?
  • Watson with the pick 6 
  • Injuries to the defensive line 
  • TD Return on the kick off 
  • Shea Interception
  • Never good to see a Wolverine carted off 
  • A bit of a slow start again
  • Lighting 

Michigan did what they needed to do today and won the game easily.   In a day, where LSU, MSU, and Oklahoma lost.   Maybe that Northwestern win was better then most people think and don't forget this Maryland team beat Texas who just beat Oklahoma.   Winning football games is never easy and getting a comfortable win at home is a good thing.  

Shea continues to remind me of a young Drew Brees and if the Michigan offense can find its stride during a night game and in a couple weeks in East Lansing on the road.   They could make some noise in this division.   The defensive line is going to need to get healthy in a hurry! 

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