Monday, October 8, 2018

Michigan Monday: Has Tru Tears of Joy & An Early Look at Wisconsin

That was some beautiful blocking and is like water to a fan base that has been consistently running a marathon for the last 10 years.   Tru Wilson for President!

It's easy to see to how Tru made an impact on this team since Spring Ball.   Yes, he had a holding call on a beautiful TD pass (which was a very questionable call) but that video might be just as pretty.

  • As you probably have heard by now, ESPN Gameday is heading to Ann Arbor for the first time since 2015, which is hard to believe.   I guess most Michigan Gamedays have been on the road.  
  • Michigan is now ranked #12 in the nation

  • 5 star Quavaris Crouch will be visiting Ann Arbor this weekend.  With the UTL and Gameday, that should be some experience.  

  •  No word yet on Michael Dwumfour or Carlo Kemp.   Mike tweeted out that he is good, but it looks like a serious injury.  We hope Carlo can play this week.  

Too Early Look at Wisconsin:

- Run game: #4 at 287 yards per game
- Pass game: #102 193 yards per game
- Points allowed: #12 16 points per game
- Points scored: #44 33 points per game 

Best win: @ Iowa 
Worst loss: Home against BYU 

Its always impressive to go into Iowa and get a win in a night game.  With that said, Wisconsin really hasn't played anyone and has a head scratching loss to a 3 loss BYU team. 

This will be Wisconsin's biggest test of the season, on the road, against a top defense that loves to stop what you do best, run the ball.   


Mike Tebbe said...

Crouch is no longer visiting

Does Hinton's visit to Georgia mean anything?

EzmoB said...

Mike I was reading about Hinton at GA. He accompanied his brother on the visit. He confirmed his commitment to Michigan afterwards.

Hinton's brother is a stud himself. We should be trying to get him as well for 2020.

Mike Tebbe said...

That's great news....

I know JH and his dad are somewhat close friends....

Need Myles as well

Bob said...

Shoot I hadn't heard Crouch was not visiting now. Not good.

Mike Tebbe said...

If Crouch was to still visit I hope we are telling him he can play LB if he wants too.... Not sure which side of the ball he wants to play but would be a stud at LB as well as RB... He already said if AA was in the south he'd already have committed.... We are that close and getting him...