Monday, October 22, 2018

Michigan Monday: What My Eyes Saw

Looking back at Saturday, it sure was an interesting day.  Since we are on a bye week with no opponent to preview, I thought I would let you into my head for another tour of the empty space.  :)

  • Michigan's defense was dominating but when it was a 7-0 game, it was still way too close for comfort.   I though Nordin's field goal issues were going to cost Michigan the game with missed opportunities.  

  • Many applauded Michigan's Offensive line on Saturday.  I thought they had a good day in the running game but was actually pretty poor in pass protection.   Run blocking A-, Pass blocking C+

  • I'm worried about Evans.  I wonder how healthy he really is ? That fumble inside the 10 was very troubling.  

  • Michigan needs to practice more in the rain.  They struggled in the bad weather. 

  • Luck - Michigan's two tip passes could have been the difference in the game if those passes land in Spartans hands instead of Wolverines.  

  • I think Dantonio is a jerk.  We don't need to get into his long history of questionable acts, but lets review the pre-game stunt that he did on purpose.  
  1. MSU was supposed to do it's holding hand thing at 9:50 
  2. Michigan was able to access the field at 10:00
  3. MSU shows up late to the holding hand walk with helmets on, dress shirts, and sweat suits 
  4. MSU clearly sees the Wolverines on the field before they start walking 
  5. Dantonio should have asked the staff to tell the few players to move before the walk started if he didn't want an incident. 
  6. He wanted an issue and he got one.  Jimmy called it Bush League and Dantonio called it BS and Juvenile.   This is a classic set up by Dantonio to try to motivate his team that was a clear underdog.  Why else would they have helmets on?
  • I don't enjoy all the Michigan playoff talk right now.  I enjoyed when nobody was paying attention to the Wolverines.   The most important things to me are a Big Ten Championship and win over the Buckeyes.  

  • Thank you Purdue!  They gave everyone a blueprint on how to beat the Buckeyes.  

  • I'm also worried about Gary.  I hope Jimmy talks about the severity of his injury today.  If he is not back after these two weeks, he might be on the shelf for the rest of the year.  

  • On Saturday night after the OSU-Purdue game, there was a bazzaro Michigan game in LA.  Wilton Speight was throwing TD's to Devin Asiasi against an Arizona team lead by Rich Rods son.  Wilton also tweeted earlier in the day about leaving MSU with another W. 


Scott K said...

coach grumpy is a classless POS.....

enzo said...

Agree with you 100%. Beat Ohio and win the big 10.

Tommertoffo said...

I agree with most of what you say.
However, I think D'Antonio is a GREAT coach. He has limited talent with which to work and yet he produces an excellent product. He's done more for MSU than Nick Saban ever did. His game plan and game day coaching are as good as any coach in America.

Also, frankly I think college football "rivalry" banter is intrinsically "juvenile". That's what is so fun about it. To suggest D'Antonio is a "jerk" for doing what he did is ridiculous. The "little brother" comment by Michael Hart and Harbaugh's "off the field issues....welcome back" comments are all part of the "rivalry banter" that makes college football so great. Let's not take it so seriously. It's part of the "schtick".

Unknown said...

I agree that if Gary's not back by the Penn State game he could be on the shelf for the year however AC joints if that's what this is can take 6 to 10 weeks before they heal leaving us the rest of the year before he's back maybe bowl season or playoff

Scott K said...

Urban meyer is a 'great coach' if you look at his team's records and accomplishments..... but he's also a piece of shit as a human, if you look at his lack of integrity..... coach grumpy MIGHT not be quite as bad, but he's still a POS. That's not based on a little rivalry banter.

EzmoB said...

Read a article on M live that it was Gray's decision to sit out and not play. I'm beginning to think he will sit out rest of the season. I highly doubt he will drop out of school like bosa, but I think he will try to protect his draft stock and try to get healthy for the combine.

It sucks if it comes to that, you gotta do what you got to. However it is amazing to see the other guys step up and keep things rolling. In all honesty the level of defensive performance hasn't dropped at all without Gary. Goes to show you the depth Michigan has. Kudos to the coaches!

Bob can you update us on recruiting please.

Go blue!

Tommertoffo said...

Personally, I think Uche is doing a better job.
Gary is grossly over-rated based on performance on the job.

If that's true, which I doubt because Rashan Gary is simply not that great a player, how sad in deed.

However, Uche is kicking ass and taking names since the Northwestern game. He is sacking everyone and making HUGE plays at critical times. Where was Gary against ND when we needed him?

Rashan, if you're reading this, get your ass back on the field and start making TFOs and sacks.....or your "stock" in the NFL won't be that impressive regardless of your injury.

Rudy T said...

Yeah, damtonio is a dbag. But the real dbags are the press who spend time in a press conference and use this as their big news bite rather than talking about the progress of the team. Time to move on.