Friday, October 19, 2018

Michigan State Preview
Time: 12:00
Location: Spartan Stadium
Weather: 46 and 50% Rain
TV: Fox
Stream: Fox Go
Line: Michigan -7

I just don't understand Michigan's State's program at all.  I thought they would be a complete train wreck last year and had a decent season.   This year many thought they were a top 10-15 team and have lost games to Arizona State and Northwestern, but upset Penn State on the road last week with a team that was kept together with bubble gum and duct tape.

Maybe Dantonio is some type of wizard?  Remember when he disappeared from the sideline a few years ago?

Tale of the Tape

Michigan D vs. MSU O = Michigan
Michigan Run Game vs. MSU D = MSU
Michigan Pass Game vs. MSU DB = Michigan
Intangibles = MSU
Health = Michigan
Coaching = Rivalry Game

MSU has the #1 running defense in the country and of course Michigan loves to run the ball.   I expect Pep and Jimmy understand this and will have some type of game plan that doesn't have Higdon, Evans, and Tru running non-stop into a brick wall.

Michigan is also pretty good on defense and will have to stop the 4 yards passes and QB runs from Lewerke and MSU.   This will be a game, where Michigan will need to spy on Lewerke because him running on 3rd and 6th is pretty much the Spartans Offense.   Just a reminder to Hudson, this means waiting at the LOS and stopping Lewerke for a one yard gain vs. blitzing for a sack.

Sneak out of East Lansing with a smile on your face if...…………..
  • Michigan plays really hard with the thoughts of last years game on their mind
  • Michigan's Defense can turnover MSU and stop their offense
  • Michigan's offense has a great game plan to run and pass for 400 total yards 
  • The Wolverines play well on the road 
  • Defense gets the Michigan's offense short fields and lots of points 
Yell,  WTF is it with Dantonio! if...…………..
  • Michigan gets caught with one of MSU's trick plays 
  • MSU is stopping the Michigan run all day 
  • MSU all of sudden gets healthy for this game 
  • The game is too close for comfort all day and in the 4th 
MSU prepares for this game like no other on their schedule.  It's their Super Bowl, National Championship, and Big Ten Championship every year.   MSU as won way more then they should have lately including the last two out of three, which included a dropped punt/score and a hurricane at the Big House.  

If you wonder if that luck can continue?  It did last week, MSU fumbled 4 times and didn't lose any, ran a fake punt for a 26 yard gain, Lewerke hit PSU defenders with passes 16 times, and they only picked of one.    That is some Wizard Bleep right there.  

So how do you pick this game?  It's not an easy task, let me take you into a scary journey into my brain:

Noon Kick - Good 
On the road - Bad 
Michigan has last years memory of a loss - Good 
Gary is questionable - Bad 
Lewerke is struggling - Good 
Lewerke is a mobile QB - Bad 
MSU is injured at key positions on the Oline & WR positions - Good 
MSU will do anything to win this game - Bad 

Shea Patterson is still going to be the difference in this game.   If he can play well,  get first downs with his legs and hit open WR's/TE's for TD's, Michigan will win.   If he struggles, Michigan kicks field goals and keeps MSU in the game which could be trouble.  The rain could be an issue which keeps this a very low scoring game.   I also expect the MSU field to look like US Open rough.  

Michigan 23 MSU 13


SecondChance said...

Hope Bob is right, but I think this will be a close game, and being played at MSU, I give them the edge. MSU 20 - Michigan 17.

szanreno said...

A professional Gambler once told me in games like this, take the quarterbacks out and see who has the best team left. And then you bet from there. Of course he never said anything about Michigan versus Michigan State. Go Blue!

dude1984 said...

Biggest issue in recent years has been Michigan not equaling or exceeding the intensity Michigan State brings.

Now that Michigan has a legit QB, they need to use the passing game to set up the running game.

EzmoB said...

Gosh the offense is playing so dam bad!! These WR are not getting open.

EzmoB said...

Lol soon as I say that, Jones scores a TD. Go blue!

EzmoB said...

We should have had 50+ points today. Offense played horrible in 2nd qt and start of 3rd qt.

With everything that could have happened, we won and that's all that matters.

Let's rest up and get ready for PSU.

Go blue!

Mike Tebbe said...

Don't think Gary takes another snap in a maze and blue uniform... He's going the Bosa route

Nordin needs to go.. Let Moody kick...

EzmoB said...

Mike you really think Gary would do that?

I agree about Nordin.

szanreno said...

I really hope Gary doesn't do that. After begging Chase winovich to come back and be on the best defense in the country.

Mike Tebbe said...

I hope I'm wrong... Just have a feeling... His good friend Drew Singleton just left the team... Might be a coincidence but I'm thinking Gary's plan was always 3 years and out.... He gets banged up alot... We shall see