Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Michigan Tuesday: James Hudson Transfers

We are going to have to get used to this, players are going to transfer and transfer often.   The time of kids developing and waiting their turn as a junior and senior might be over.   Now, I don't have any information on what is going on in James's life but consider the following:
  • Moved from DT to OT last season
  • Coaches are saying that offensive line is his natural position 
  • Was getting high praise as being a future NFL Tackle in the off season 
  • Has a real offensive line coach now 
  • Was getting second team reps at tackle 
  • Team is #5 in the nation 
  • The player ahead of him just went down in the last game 
  • Jimmy said he had a hand injury and that's why he didn't go in the game against MSU
Then he decides to transfer, some insiders are saying that he had probably decided before the State game.  James red shirted last year and will still have three years to play at his next school.

Good luck to him at his next stop. 

  • Mike Sainristil a WR/CB with a Michigan offer just de-committed from Virginia Tech.

  • MSU released a statement on the pregame situation.  Guess what Sparty?  Purdue is coming to town and you better start focusing on them. 

  • So I'm on the Iowa bandwagon, I think they are the second best team in the Big Ten right now. Not the most talented but they are playing solid football.   Penn State hosts Iowa, comes to Ann Arbor, and then hosts Wisconsin.   Could James Franklin go 0-3 in the next 3 games?  


Unknown said...

Mike Sainristil crystal ball is 100% Michigan right now on 24/7. I am surprised coach Brown wants him, he is 5'10". I was under the impression, coach wanted CB that were 6' or taller.

EzmoB said...

Dang why my comment above showed up as "unknown" weird.

Bob you here any news on Eric Gray? It seems like he is not 100% committed.

Scott K said...

I believe Jim said "he got passed up because he couldn't practice because of a hand injury"
I read that as, while he wasn't practicing, someone passed him on the depth chart....

in either case, wish him well.

Cormac said...

I was on Instagram the other day after it was announced that James Hudson was going to transfer. There was one Michigan fan page that I follow that had several comments about Hudson's transfer. It was then when things got very ugly. There were more than several so-called Michigan fans that told Mr. Hudson what he could do with himself. First of all, about 99.5% of the people out there do NOT know what his reasons are. Michigan fans should wish him luck!

Bob said...

The news on Eric Gray is pretty quiet, after missing his visit, I do expect that he is keeping his options open right now. Maybe the coaches will give him a full court press after the season is over.

Tommertoffo said...

We forget that family or personal issues may play significant roles in these decisions. Let's leave them alone and wish them the best.