Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Michigan Tuesday: Too Many Penalties

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Sorry about the missed post on Monday, was traveling and didn't have enough bandwidth.

When you see that "holding call from Mars" on Higdon, you start to wonder if there really is collusion with the Big Ten officials against Harbaugh and Michigan's program.   There are bad calls and there are missed calls, that looked like a deliberate call.   Warde told Jimmy to not speak on it and that he would handle it.  If Warde gets into a negotiation with the Big Ten on this,  I would expect the official that made the call will get a raise and a extra week of vacation.

Jimmy mentioned during his Monday's press conference that the Big Ten hadn't responded yet on the call.   I wouldn't hold my breathe for a quick response.  

It's clear, Michigan needs to start throwing around its weight at the Big Ten office.   I'm sure the ACC would love to take a meeting on Michigan.

  • Reports are that Tarik Black is doing some light jogging.  When he is doing Zumba, that will be the time to get excited.  

  • No word on Gary's injury and I don't expect to hear from Jimmy on that one either. 

  • The Wisconsin game will be in Prime Time.  At least its at home. 

  • 80 years ago today, Michigan debuted the most famous helmet in the history of college football.

  • Michigan is #1 in the Big Ten with 46 penalties.  See above 


Tommertoffo said...

The evidence is mounting...and it's now more than just subjective opinion.

Cormac said...

I have been wondering about the penalties this year versus the penalties called last year especially against the defense. I don't recall last year's defense having this problem. Does anyone else? To me, it seems that this year's defense is getting more calls against them versus last year. For the most part, the defense is the same sans Big Mo and Mike McCray. What's the problem?

EzmoB said...

I'm sure other teams are complaining about our DB's locking down opposing WR's.

I read some where, Michigan is in the top 10 for most TFL yet with the fewest holding calls, that makes no sense.

It seems like NCAA and NFL wants high scoring games which create excitement. Excitement bring in more money. This isn't really about protecting the players, but to generate revenues. The spin is "we are protecting the players" imo.