Friday, October 26, 2018

Michigan Friday: Cleans Out My Head

This weekend is for trips the outlet mall or cleaning out the garage.  It's Michigan's bye week and time to clean a bunch of the old stuff out.   So today, I thought I would clean out a bunch of thoughts I have in my head, you might enjoy them or it could be very scary.   So proceed with caution:

  • This season, I'm more interested in a Big Ten Championship then a trip to the playoffs.  No, I wouldn't mind a match-up against Alabama in a semi-final game, but I'm more interested in  playing in the Big Ten Championship game and of course winning it.  

  • So people are saying that Michigan should be rooting for Penn State to beat Iowa this weekend because they will be ranked heading to Ann Arbor next weekend.   I understand that, but I believe Iowa is the best team in the BIG West right now and could beat James Franklin and crew this weekend.  I also like that match-up for Michigan in Indy, if the Wolverines can get by Columbus.  (Wisky would have to lose another game as they beat Iowa already)

  • Coach B took a Division 3 player (Duncan Robinson) and made him into a NBA Player.   Wow, what a coach! 

  • UCLA is struggling this year, but they are full of connections to U of M:
-Coached by a former 49'er head coach 
-Wilton Speight is there on again off again QB 
-Devin Asiasi is one of their TE's 
-Roy Manning is their LB Coach 
-Jimmie Dougherty is their WR coach 
-Former Michigan recruits include: DTR, Darnay Holmes, & Boss Tagaloa


  • I read the Spotlight Boston Globe articles on Aaron Hernandez.   Its very well done if your interested.  It really shows Urban Meyer at Florida and basically doing anything to win including playing and protecting criminals.  They also have a recent interview with Urban and he continues not to remember events from that time.  Urban is either a habitual liar or has a serious memory loss and might be ill.    

  • Why does Turner Sports think people are going to pay $20 for Tiger to play Phil on the Friday after Thanksgiving? 

  • I guess the Big Ten wasn't buying Dantonio's BS story with a $10,000 fine.   The Purdue game this weekend will be interesting.

  • I find the recruitment of 5 star Zach Harrison very interesting.  I think if he was going to OSU he would have committed by now, but if he goes to Michigan or PSU I don't think he wants to be living in C-BUS with that decision.   Many still think the pressure will be too much and he will stay in Columbus.   We will see. 

  • Michigan commit Eric Gray was again at Tennessee last weekend.   Eric also received his Army All American Game jersey last week.   If he doesn't get on campus for the PSU or IU game, I think he is gone.   I don't worry too much about not showing up for the Wisconsin game as many coaches asked a few recruits to re-schedule due to the amount of kids visiting that weekend.  Update: Jay Harbaugh is at his game tonight. 

  • Quavaris Crouch another 5 star prospect is expected to visit Ann Arbor for the PSU game.   He told his local paper that Michigan and Clemson tied for the lead in his recruitment.  He plays RB or LB and the weather maybe an issue for him.   He is from NC. 

  • Michigan really needs a commit from OT Trevor Keegan and/or OT Bryce Benhart.  If they could land both that would really help with the loss of Hudson this week.   That one is a still a headscratcher to me. 
  • Bonus thought:  When is Zach Gentry going to throw a pass?
  • Bonus bonus:  Wow, AJ Dillon is a good RB! 

  • I'm a huge fan of having former players come back and coach or be on Jimmy's staff.   Roy Rountree and Jordan Kovacs are current examples.

Enjoy your weekend


EzmoB said...

Bob Mike Macarry is also on the staff helping out. I see him on the sideline.

Bob said...

Good call!

EzmoB said...

I can see Mike growing into an awesome defensive coach one day. Harbaugh is developing the next generation of coaches and its awesome to see many of the young coaches are UM grads. They will be able to carry on the tradition.

Unknown said...

If you're interested in cleaning out your head, get rid of the word "then" and start using the word "than", which is what you should be using.