Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Cheese and The Man

Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson runs for 81 yards in the second quarter.
Nick Guralnick, Det News
It was a weird first half.  Nordin hit two field goals and missed two.  It looked like Jonathan Taylor was going to run over Michigan Defense's with his Louis Vuitton mouthpiece.   Michigan took a 13-7 lead into half time and we all wondered if it should have been 6-10 points more.  The entire first half felt like it took about 20 minutes of real time.

I for one didn't like how the game was trending.   Leaving points on field and off the board is usually a killer in a close game and the only time Taylor wasn't gaining 6 yards was when he left the field for a rest.

Michigan then gets the ball to start the 3rd quarter and gets to around mid-field when Higdon gets hit so hard the ball flies out of bounds on a 3rd down and 1.   Michigan punts and a Wisconsin defender decides to level Michigan's long snapper Cam Cheeseman.  That 15 yard mistake keeps the Wolverine drive alive and magically they find their running game and Shea dives for a touchdown, while ripping up his hand.

It's now 21-7 and a more comfortable lead against a Wisconsin team that had no passing game.    Thank you Cheeseman!

If your looking for a hero for the game, it was clearly Shea Patterson.  He passed with accuracy and ran like a slower Denard.   He did whatever it took to win and didn't turn the ball over.   That is a sign of a true leader and a very good QB.   The defense did what it does and when both of those things happen, the Wolverines are a tough team to beat.

  • Michigan's defense for shutting down Wisconsin's passing game 
  • Hill for his 1 handed Int. 
  • Higdon for finding his game in the 2nd half 
  • Shea Patterson game MVP 
  • 1 Penalty and no turnovers 
  • 320 yards rushing 
  • Offensive Line gets better each week
  • Wining a night game over a ranked opponent 
  • No Gary
  • Injuries to Michigan's DB's 
  • Defense struggled to stop Taylor early 
  • 2 missed field goals 
  • Still some struggles in the red zone 
  • I didn't like the trick plays and thought they killed drives

This was a complete win and one of the best for Jimmy at Michigan.  The issue is, the schedule doesn't get any easier with a 12:00 kick in East Lansing on Saturday, who just upset #8 Penn State at Happy Valley with about a 100 guys injured.  I can't figure out this MSU team at all.   

Let's hope Gary and Michigan's DB's are ready to play on Saturday.  It was great to get Dwumfour, Kemp, and Solomon back last night.  


Mike Tebbe said...

Eric Gary did not visit... I considered him gone...

Zach Harrison was in the house and must have really enjoyed the show as top recruiting analyst Wiltfong removed his OSU prediction... We might still have a chance...

Nordin still concerns me.. D was outstanding last night without Gary...

Need to be 100% healthy next week against an unpredictable MSU team


Tommertoffo said...

The nay-sayers after the ND game should examine their football analytical skills. I supported this team after the ND and talked about winning the B1G and possibly getting a playoff bid.

Many here talked 8-5 and talked about Harbaugh not having "it"....whatever "it" is.

Harbaugh is an awesome coach and this team is loaded. We may be hitting our stride at the perfect time.

Tarik Back, Rashan Gary will be back too.

Nordin better get his mind straight...toughen up and kick FGs consistently. Otherwise, it's looking awfully rosy.

Unknown said...

Great post! Just keep in mind that Michigan played a really good football team so they were going to struggle at different points in the game! Also 100% agree the trick plays were drive killers. Who in the hell puts true freshman QB in a game of that nagnitute with absolutely no game experience...SMDH!

EzmoB said...

Great post guys.

That trick play was awful!

That OL!!! They were pushing the Wisconsin DL around. Great to see that!

Nordin needs to get his act together!

Dylyn is good, that boy has great confidence!

I'm telling you guys now, Milton is going to be special, real special.

Go blue!!

Bob said...

I believe the staff told Desmond during fall camp that they thought Milton could be the #1 player in the NFL in a few years.

EzmoB said...

Bob I really hope the kid stays humble and learns. I think he will push Dylan next year. Peter's is good as gone after this year.