Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Wolverine Wednesday: Gary's Mom Clears The Air and a New BBall Commit

Remember the final scrimmage where Black got hurt?  The rumor was the Gary and Higdon also got injured.   That rumor was quickly considered false as both played against Notre Dame.  Guess what?  Gary did get hurt and his mom goes on the record on what's going on:

I guess that clears up that situation and hopefully with two weeks of rest, he will be ready for Penn State.

Michigan Basketball also got an important 2020 commit yesterday.  4 Star PG from OH Zeb Jackson committed to the Wolverines.  Zeb is 6'3 and known as a shooter, he is tight with Zavier Simpson and his family.   Rivals has him ranked as the #72 player in the nation and 24/7 has him ranked #58.    Both services have him ranked as a top 20 PG.

His commitment also comes with a very cool video:


EzmoB said...

Why did this information come from his mom? Where are the coaches or Gary himself to inform us of this information? This is a bad look in my opinion. His mother will not be able to fight these battles in the NFL. Love Gary but whoever is advising him needs to do a better job.

Cormac said...

Perhaps she is the one that knows what is going on? Rashan and his mom are pretty tight. I don't think it is his mommy coming to the rescue or anything like that. Besides, does anyone really think that you would get this kind of information out of Jimmy?

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