Thursday, November 22, 2018

Big Ten Preview Week 13 - Happy Thanksgiving

There is only one game this weekend, but I'm told that other Big Ten games are being played.  Some will have impact on things like Bowl Games and whether head coaches stay in their role or not.

Not the Big Ten Game of The Week:

Nebraska @ Iowa (IA -10):  This game is played on Friday and the Big Ten has really wanted it to be a new tradition.  It hasn't stuck yet but with Frost in Lincoln maybe it will.   This is Nebraska's final game of the season and they will miss that Akron game that was cancelled as that would have been 6 wins on the season if they beat Iowa.   Nebraska is on a roll and just beat the Spartans 9-6 last week in some type of pillow fight.   Iowa should be in the Big Ten Championship game but was terrible down the stretch.   Nebraska 13 Iowa 17

Purdue @ Indiana (Pur -4):  Both teams are 5-6 just like they should be.  So this game is for more than just a bucket, its a chance to go to a bowl game.  Reports are by Monday or Tuesday Jeff Brohm will be heading back to Louisville.   Purdue plays terrible on the road.  IU 32 Purdue 31

Illinois @ Northwestern (NW-18):   Another non-rivalry game for instate schools.  Northwestern has its sites on Indy but will win this one easy.   NW 38 Illinois 12

Maryland @ Penn State (PSU -13.5):  Maryland had its shot last weekend and they over threw the ball.  They also don't play well on the road.   PSU 41 Maryland 21

Minnesota @ Wisconsin (WIS -10):  The Golden Gophers have played well at home but only has 5 wins.   So they probably are going to be home for the holidays.  Wisconsin 28 Minnesota 17

Rutgers @ MSU (MSU -27):  I'm not sure MSU could score 27 points on a field by themselves.  MSU 21 Rutgers 14

Enjoy your holiday!  


Tommertoffo said...

Iowa is slumping and Nebraska has been 4-1 in its last 5 games.....losing only a close one AT Columbus.

My prediction? Nebraska 31, Iowa 16.

Nebraska will be a force next year.

Go Blue. I think Nebraska's performance AT OSU provides me confidence Michigan will beat the Buckeyes.

EzmoB said...

Happy turkey day Bob!