Thursday, November 8, 2018

Big Ten Week 11 Preview

Michigan doesn't  hold the title of the best Big 10 game of the weekend and a case could be made its the worst.  With Michigan putting up 78 points the last time they traveled to NJ.  The biggest game for Wolverines fans is still instate as the Buckeyes roll into East Lansing.   That is your Big Ten Game of the Week!

OSU @ MSU (OSU -3.5): Both teams have been on a strange journey this season with issues on and off the field.  MSU seems to play its best when they have the least amount of starters available.  OSU has struggled on defense pretty much all year long but still only has one loss.  OSU's pass offense has been solid as Haskins will screen you death like they did against PSU.   MSU wants to win a low scoring game by stopping the run.  OSU hasn't really run the ball well until last week against a poor Nebraska defense.  As much as I would love to see MSU win, I think OSU pulls it out in the 4th.   OSU 24 MSU 20

Wisconsin @ PSU (PSU-9):  I thought Michigan had a difficult Big Ten Schedule, I think Penn State will win that award this year.  Both teams are beat up and trending the wrong way.  I like PSU at home but it will be closer then we think.   PSU 17 Wisconsin 14

Northwestern @ Iowa (Iowa -11):  If Northwestern can win this game they can M00N walk to the Big Ten West Title.  The issue is Iowa plays its best football at home and will win this game.  
Iowa 28 Northwestern 21

Purdue @ Minnesota (Pur -12):  The Boilermakers are the better team but they don't play well on the road either.  I like Purdue's offense over Minnesota's defense (unless there is a blizzard).  Purdue 31 Minnesota 17

Illinois @ Nebraska (Neb -17) The Cornhuskers have won 2 games and a 3 score favorite in this one.  I think they will run the score up since they won't be going to a bowl game.  Missing two extra weeks of practice for bowl prep hurts a young team.   Nebraska 41 Illinois 10

Maryland @ IU (Pick em):  The only reason to watch this game is to scout IU for next weekend.  I like IU at home over a Maryland team that is probably happy to be out of town for the weekend.  IU 38 Maryland 34


EzmoB said...

Bob last night I was watching the highlights from 2016 UCF game. I noticed how much we aired the ball out back than. I don't know why we play so conservative now. Darbogh and Chessen were great at getting separation and getting open, Jake was a monster. We have more athletic WR's now. Nico, people's, and black being back now. Coach really needs to open up the play book and air it out.

Unknown said...

EzmoB the O-line was not a dominating group in 2016 and consistently struggled to open holes for the run game. As I recall, Michigan’s ground game was less than stellar that day which prompted Scott Frost to declare his team was tougher in the trenches following a 52-14 defeat. Michigan’s O-line finally has that road grading toughness to assert itself and allow JH to run his preferred style of offense. In short the higher number of pass attempts in 2016 were out of necessity.