Thursday, November 1, 2018

Big Ten Weekend Preview Week 10

This weekends top Big Ten game is in the Big House, so we will have to look elsewhere for the Game of the Week.   Last week I didn't have a good week with my picks after Iowa's QB Stanley forgot to show up in Happy Valley and the Purdue team that beat OSU the week before didn't travel to East Lansing.   Maybe it will get better this week, maybe it won't!

Game of the Week:

Norte Dame @ Northwestern (ND -9.5):  The Fighting Irish finds themselves in the top 4 playoff spots and Northwestern prides themselves playing at home and finishing the year on a winning streak.  Northwestern also is now the favorite in the Big Ten West, which this game won't impact.   ND is still the better team but I think this game will be closer then many think.   ND 31 NW 24

MSU @ Maryland (MSU -2):  Anything going on at these two schools?  DJ was re-instated and fired the day after.  MSU rebounded after Michigan rolled over them on their own field and beat Purdue.   Neither University has solid leadership after recent scandals rocked both schools.   In fact, it makes this game somewhat trivial.   MSU 28 Maryland 23

Nebraska @ Ohio State (OSU -17.5): Anything going on at these two schools?  Urban Meyer is dealing with a brain cyst, a blow out loss to Purdue, and his recent suspension.   Scott Frost is trying to turn around Nebraska, while is old team continues its 20 game winning streak.    Nebraska running game will give OSU fits for about 20 minutes, then OSU will pull away.   OSU 42 Nebraska 21

Minnesota @ Illinois (Minn -9.5):  I'm not sure Lovey is long for the road at Illinois at some point the losing has to effect you.   Both teams are struggling to get bowl eligible.  Minnesota 17 Illinois 16

Iowa @ Purdue (Pur -3):  This will be an interesting game.  Both teams were red hot before last weekend, when they both went on the road and fell on their face.   Purdue plays well at home and I think this one could be very close.  Purdue 34 Iowa 31

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