Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Michigan Tuesday: Sad For Caris

You have probably heard by now that Caris LeVert suffered a horrendous leg injury last night.  Before the injury Caris was having the best year of his career by averaging over 18 points a game.   I hope his injury can be repaired successfully and will be stronger after he rehabs.  

  • Michigan Basketball continues to struggle and was down at halftime to Holy Cross on Saturday.  They had a big bounce back in the second half and won easily.   Michigan travels to Villanova tomorrow for a NC game rematch. 

  • Paye and Solomon will play on Saturday.  Hill continues to be in the concussion protocol and I don't expect he will play. 

  • Northwestern will make its first appearance in the Big Ten Championship game, I hope there is another team from the East that will make its first appearance. 

  • Rich Rod was seen on Alabama's campus on Monday.  

  • Ohio State has drained it's mirror lake two weeks prior to the Michigan game.   So it's now a muddy hole.  They don't want students jumping into the pond prior to the game, a student drowned in 2015. 

  • Michigan - IU Kickoff is set at 4:00 on Fox, which means the game should last until 9:00. 

  • Michigan is favored by 27.5

  • IU RB Coach Mike Hart has been nominated for the Broyles Award.  His name seems familiar? :-)


EzmoB said...

On PTI they just said Chris's injury was a dislocated foot. He could be back this season. This is good news, initially it looked really bad but it's not as bad as it looked. Get better Chris! Prayers up. Go blue!

EzmoB said...


Dam auto correct!

Bob said...

Yes, that is great news!