Friday, November 2, 2018

Penn State Preview

Time: 3:45
Location: Big House
Weather: 47 and no rain
Stream: ESPN App
Line: Michigan -10.5

This series lately have been blowouts for each side.   Two years ago Penn State gets blown out at the Big House then last year Penn State returned the favor in Happy Valley.  Both teams this year have been in the top 10, with the Wolverines currently #5 and Penn State #14.  ESPN has tabbed this weekend as Statement Saturday.

Tale of the Tape

Michigan OLine vs. PSU DLine = Penn State
Michigan DLine vs. PSU OLine = Michigan
Michigan Pass D vs. PSU Pass O = Michigan
Scrambling QB vs. Michigan D = Penn State
Coaching = Michigan
Intangibles = Michigan
QB Play = Push

Penn State has struggled this year in pretty much every game they have played.  They miss Barley, Joe Moorhead, and others that left the program for greener pastures.  Penn State WR's have been struggling with drops and McSorely is really their offense with scramble runs and completing passes when their WR 's actually catch the ball.  Their defense is decent when they know what's coming.  For example, if you run at them on first down, they will stop you.  If your able to confuse them, they are prone to mistakes and penalties.  For example, OSU got back into the game by throwing nothing but screens and Penn State couldn't stop them.

Yell, The Revenge Tour continues if...……………
  • Michigan D can stop McSorely 
  • Michigan can run the ball with Higdon 
  • Michigan WR's have a big day 
  • Shea protects the ball and gets some first down with his legs 
  • Nordin hits all his field goals 
Wonder out loud how that just happened if...………………..
  • McSorely is running wild
  • Michigan has been reading how good they are for 2 weeks
  • Michigan's offense is struggling in the red zone 
  • Somebody on the PSU Staff has Don Brown kryptonite 
  • PSU receivers catch the ball 
The two things I worry about on Saturday is McSorley scrambling to keep drives alive and Michigan reading ESPN for the past two weeks on how the Wolverines are going to the playoffs.   Penn State has talent as James Franklin is a good recruiter.   Michigan let KJ Halmer out of the state and he is Penn State's #1 downfield weapon and a great returner.   Keeping him contained will be important for momentum and Michigan's success in this game.  

Michigan will need to spy McSorely with Hudson and that means spying on him at the LOS and not blitzing him.  Michigan's defensive line, should be able to get pressure without having to blitz too often.   I would also love to see Michigan play some Zone but that really isn't what Don Brown likes to do.  McSorely hurt his knee but came back in to win the Iowa game which included a long run.  How that knee healed this week will be important to PSU's success. 

I hope the Wolverines offense got some rest and got better over the last two weeks.   If the offense is vanilla that will play right into PSU hands.   I have a feeling that Chris Evans could have a big game. He has struggled this year with his health and a bad fumble against MSU.   I think he could have a highlight game with screens and catching the ball out of the backfield.   I also like Black, DPJ, and Collins to have a big days with yards and TD's.  I expect Michigan's O Line to struggle a bit, so getting the ball out quick will be key.  

Michigan 31 Penn State 10


Unknown said...

Michigan gives up 123 yds a game thrpugh the air and you want to see more zone?....smdh!

Unknown said...

Michigan gives up 123 yds a game through the air and you want to see more zone?....smdh!

EzmoB said...

Mixing zone in with man to man will be helpful. It will allow Michigan to contain the Penn st. QB.

Coach Brown will have his dudes ready for this game. I hope they keep their emotions in check and beat the hell out of Penn st.

Coach JH wrote on a paper what Penn st. did last year, when they ran with 2 sec left. This game will be personal for coach JH.

Go blue!

Justwin said...

Wish you wouldn’t predict a 21pt win. Every time you have predicted big wins, we lose.